#1 Monitoring Code To Listen To Another Person Call 2022

Phone call tapping have become one of the easiest way to dictate a cheating partner, or listen to your kids conversations with friends. Hence, if you want to learn how to listen to someone else calls | code to listen to another person call. Then relax and get the information here, we have shared a secret code to dial and listen to someone’s cell phone conversations.

You probably have kids you would like to monitor their phone calls, or you’re suspecting your partner, workers. Whatsoever reason that made you to start searching for phone tapping code, hopefully this blog post will help you confirm it.

Though it’s extremely wrong to invade in someone’s privacy, most especially if the person is no longer a teenager. But since your quest is to learn how to tap phone calls, spy on calls and listen to all their conversations. Then’ continue reading to see the code secret code that enables you to listen to other cell phone conversations.

The code that I’m about to share right now works perfectly on iOS, android, Samsung and every other phone brand. Also, it works in all countries” be it UK, Australia, United States, Canada etc.

Now, I will start by answering all questions relating to tapping someone’s call or listening to another person cell phone conversations. Calm down and read carefully, and follow instructions properly.

Is It Possible To Listen To Someone’s Calls?


The answer is yes, it’s 100% possible to listen to cell phone conversations from another phone remotely.

If you’re suspecting your spouse of cheating on you, or you want to listen to your kids phone conversations” you can use the secret code shared here to achieve that.

How To Listen To Someone Else Calls

There are two ways to listen to another person call, one is by using a powerful spy app and two by using the free code we provided here.

However, if you want to use the monitoring code to listen or tap on someone’s call’ you will have to use the person’s phone to inject it the code.

While the powerful spy app enables you to listen to another person call, track location current location, read social media chats, without touching the person’s phone. So, it’s now left for you to choose the one you want’ below is the secret code.

ATTENTION – the call monitoring code that I’m about to share right now doesn’t work in all cell phones, it’s phone selective. It may or may not work for you.

However, we have a premium call monitoring code that works for everyone, irrespective of the country and cell phone you’re using. It’s been sold for $230 only. You can reach out to us on WhatsApp to purchase it right away;

Code To Listen To Another Person Call – Phone Tapping Code


Whenever you want to list to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or kids cell phone conversations using this secret code.

The first step to take is to pick up there cell phone when he/she is not around. Or rather tell the person that you want to use his or phone to check something or make call.

  • When you get the person’s phone, dial **06* your phone number# and send.
  • Example; **06*+14848970346# and send it, allow for some seconds to activate. After that’ you will start listening to all the person’s phone conversations.
  • Make sure the two phone ( your phone and the victim’s phone have airtime ) before dialing the above code.

NOTE – the phone number to dial with the code **06*….. # must be your number, so that it will enable you hear all his or her calls.

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Whenever the person’s phone ring, your phone will also ring. Please do not pick the call, allow the victim to pick it, else it will end. What you will do is to put the phone on your ear and listen to their conversations, you don’t have to pick it.

Code To Deactivate Call Monitoring – Code To Stop Phone Tapping


After finding out whatsoever information you want, that made you tap on someone’s phone calls” you can go ahead and cancel the call monitoring.

However, for you to stop listening to the person’s phone calls, or disable phone tap” you have to get the person’s phone again.

When you get his or phone, dial ##002# and allow for some seconds to erase the spy code you injected earlier. Now let’s quickly proceed to answering further questions relating to spying on someone’s phone calls.

Can Someone Listen To My Calls From Another Phone?


With the above call monitoring code, anyone can use it to monitor all your cell phone conversations.

Now, to make it more clear to you” the answer is yes, someone can listen to your conversations from another phone using a powerful spy app or by injection the above secret code.

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Calls Without Touching Her Phone


If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you, and you want to all her cell phone conversations without touching her phone. Then’ you don’t need the above code, because it requires using her mobile device to inject the code.

What you need is a very powerful spy app that can help you track her calls remotely. And guess what? Techjara Spy App got you covered.

We have a very strong Spy App that enables you to listen to all her cell phone conversations, read her social media chats, track her current location and more, without touching her phone. Read the app review and get reach out to us, if you can want to purchase the app.

How Can I Listen To My Husband’s Cell Phone Conversations?


Maybe you notice unusual behavior from your husband recently and you want to figure out ‘if he is cheating on you or not? Well, that’s a good step to take.

Just as I explained in the above paragraph. You can listen to your husband cell phone conversations by dialing **06* your phone number# or purchase Techjara Spy App and tap on is calls remotely.

How To Stop Someone From Listening To Your Phone Calls


I have shared the information already, but I won’t hesitate to answer the question again. If you notice that someone is listing to your phone calls, or you want to stop listening to someone’s cell phone conversations. All you have to do, is to dial ##002# . It will disable or deactivate it instantly.

How To Listen To Other Cell Phone Conversations


I have also answer this question in our third paragraph. There are two ways to listen to cell phone conversations from another phone.

  • By using call monitoring code ( **06*+14848970346# ).
  • Or, by using a powerful spy app. Techjara Spy App is a perfect one for you.
  • That’s all.

How To Mirror Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing


The only way to mirror someone’s phone without them knowing is by using Techjara Spy App.

It will enable you to see what someone is doing in their phone. Track current location, see their social media chats, see all, listen to their cell phone conversations remotely, see all the files in their phone, videos and pictures.




Wrapping up the content here, I hope you have learnt how to listen to someone else calls | code to listen to another person call.

Feel free to drop feedback via the comment box below, contact us if you need our product and don’t forget to follow instructions properly.

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