3 Ways To Change Text Bubble Color On Galaxy S8 ( 100% Working )

With step by step guide, I will be pointing out 3 ways to change text bubble color on galaxy S8 ( 100% working ). If you don’t like Samsung Galaxy S8 text default color, you can actually change it with this guide.

Samsung Galaxy S8 users can attest that’ there’s currently no special feature to adjust or enhance your text bubble color. Hence, you will have to follow our guideline to set it up or make your text message color unique.

In as much as it’s been categorically stated that’ there’s no special feature for changing text bubble color on Galaxy S8. Now the question is, how do I change message color on galaxy s8? Well, it’s not impossible to do this. However, it won’t be as special as other Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you’re using Galaxy S10 or other Samsung phones, it’s very easy to customize the text bubble color. But unfortunately, the feature wasn’t found in Galaxy S8. That’s by the way, you can still change the text message color to your liking.

How To Change Text Bubble Color On Galaxy S8 ( 100% Working )


Before you can be able to change your text message color on galaxy S8, you must change a theme” since there’s no option to easily change it. Now, you will be forced to change your current theme” if you don’t mind, then go ahead and follow the guidelines below;

  • Open your Samsung Galaxy S8 Messaging App.
  • Go to conversation view
  • Tap on the Menu icon (three dots).
  • Then choose Settings in the ceiling swing, then’ select views
  • When you tap on it, you will see different colors on the background to select any of your choice.

How To Change Text Message Color On Galaxy S8 Background


If you were not  able to change text bubble color on your galaxy S8 using the above method. You still have another alternative;

  • Go to your Galaxy S8 Settings App.
  • Walk-around and find Wallpapers And Themes.
  • Select a new theme and load it, it will automatically change your text bubble color.
  • You can as well download more themes and wallpapers

If you also want to customize your text style after changing the color, you will have to download a third party text messaging app. We have a lot of them to download for free, e.g chomp, Textra, pulse and more.



I hope you have learnt how to change text bubble color on galaxy S8? If you weren’t able to enable this feature using the above default settings, kindly Install a third party app and customize your text to any color of your choice.

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