3 Ways To Download Apps Without credit Card Info

In today’s techdut guide, I will show you guys 3 Ways to download apps without credit card info. Are you an iPhone user and can’t download apps without adding your card info during account registration? If the answer is yes, just chill and follow the below steps to bypass adding your credit card info.

This is just a normal thing when you want to download apps mostly from Apple store using your iPhone. Though some android users may expirence this whenever they want to download certain apps from some sites. You may or may not be charged, but definitely you will be tasked to input your credit card.

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Currently facing this issue? No worries, I have got you covered, in as much as technology is concerned’ we will try our best to ensure that you resolve any issue. However, you’re going to learn how to easily bypass any site or apps download that requires your credit card information. Cool right? Let’s quickly take a glance on some of the reasons you’re asked to add your credit card information.

Why Cant I Download Apps On My iPhone Without A Credit Card?


Definitely a lot of people are anxious to know why they can’t freely download and install apps on Apple iPhone without a credit card info. Well, that’s iPhone product for you, just as I said earlier” this happens mostly for Apple iPhone users.

3 Ways To Download Apps Without credit Card Info

Now to answer your question ” the reason you can’t download apps on your iPhone without a credit card info is because, Apple have free and paid apps. Hence, you’re prompt to add your credit card details’ so that whenever you select paid Apps from Apple store, you will be charged from the credit card information you provided.

However, if you open apple store and select free app’ you won’t be charge a dime. So, you aren’t getting certain apps for free on iPhone” you must pay to download it, and the money will be collected from the credit card info you added. Hopefully you get the point now? Okay, let me proceed to showing you how to easily bypass adding your credit card info.

How To Download Apps Without Credit Card info


Providing your credit card info to certain sites isn’t advisable, I aren’t saying that apple store isn’t safe. But, in a situation where your iPhone get lost, the person might use your card info to purchase a whole lot of Apps. Also, Intruders might tamper with your cell phone and misuse the features” thereby buying expensive apps without your consent.

Not only that, protecting and making sure your credit card info is confidential is very necessary. And that’s why I have penned down my secret method of downloading apps without credit card info. Kindly follow the guidelines below;

Use Credit Card Generator


This is one of the best and safest way of bypassing credit card info to certain sites and this method is applicable to apple store account creation.

What’s credit card generator? Maybe you haven’t heard of it before, to answer you” create card generator is/are site(s) that generates credit card information. I mean, real credit card information that can be used as alternative” but can’t make payment with it.

So, instead of adding your credit card info when you want to download apps from Apple store” generate a card information and  add there. Amazing right? Ohh yes, let’s get down to our complete tutorial on how to easily generate card info.

But before that, I want you to understand that’ there are hundreds of sites that can help you generate free credit card info. But I will show the one I’m using, and it’s working perfectly” my friends are using it too.

  • Go to namso-gen.com
  • When you login to the page, put this number in the box that shows “BIN” 527253462088xxxx
  • After that’ go to CVV section and choose any three number of your choice and leave the rest vacant.
  • 3 Ways To Download Apps Without credit Card Info
  • Now scroll down and click “Generate” you will see multiple card details, select one and use it as your alternative.
  • That’s all, enjoy!

This method is very easy and safe, Instead of adding your credit card info when you want to download app on iPhone” use the above method. Alternatively, we have another option for you guys to compare.

Create Or Use Your Apple ID Without A Payment Method


If you’re to download the app from Apple store, then’ go ahead and select the app/apps first” however, you will have to select free app. After that, you will be asked to login or create a new apple ID. During the account set up, select “no payment” when it comes to payment options or credit card info.

Since you selected free apps, you will freely download and install them without adding your card info. Just as I said earlier, some apps are free while others are paid. If you wouldn’t want to add your credit card info, simply download free apps. Sounds awkward? Okay, I have another alternative” check it out below;

Transfer Data From Android To iPhone


Remember I earlier told you guys that’ buying apps is mostly for iPhone users. Hence, there are apps you can easily download for free on Google play store with android phone and be charged to pay on Apple Store when you want to install it on your iPhone.

Even music, you have to buy them if you’re using iOS. Well, the good news is that” you can actually download them on Google play store with your android phone and move the data to iPhone. Amazing trick right? Cool, this method works for those who have android phone and iPhone, even if you don’t have” you can still use your friends phone.

It’s very easy, kindly check our related article on how to transfer Data from android to iPhone. It will save you a lot of stress and money.



I will be wrapping up the content here and now, hopefully you have seen the 3 Ways to download apps without credit card info? If you try any of these methods and find it difficult, kindly reach out to us for more clarification .

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