4 Apps To Catch Someone Snooping On Your Phone

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Recently, people started asking “if there’s an app to see if someone is snooping on your phone? Well, the answer is yes” we have filtered out about two most trusted apps to catch someone snooping on your phone or trying to unlock your cell phone without your consent.

With the help of these apps that I’m about to share here, you can easily catch someone checking your phone or attempting to unlock your iPhone/android when you probably went out.

People are so anxious to know what someone is doing on their phone, mostly parents who would like to check their kids day-to-day activities over the phone. While in some cases, your spouse’ more especially if he or she doesn’t trust you.

But we all believe that’ no one has the right to invade in anyone’s privacy. There maybe certain photos, videos or other sensitive files you wouldn’t want anyone to see. Hence, your privacy should be respected and that’s exactly what we stand for here.

So, to put an end to this unlawful behavior” my team and I make out time to filter out about two most trusted apps to catch someone snooping in your iPhone or android without your consent.

How To Catch Someone Snooping In Your Phone

Just as said earlier, there are powerful apps that came help you catch anyone snooping in your phone.

When you download and install the snoop catcher app, then’ finish setting it up. It will automatically takes a picture of anyone who tries to unlock your iPhone or android without your permission.

Amazing right? Yes, we have about two here’ one for android and the other one for iPhone. Let’s quickly proceed to sharing them here;

App To Catch Someone Snooping On Your iPhone


If you are an iPhone user, then’ go ahead and download “WhoSnooped” from apple store. You won’t pay a dime to install this app, it’s absolutely for free.

The only thing required after downloading is to install and set it up in way that’ it will automatically take a picture of anyone who tried to unlock your Apple iPhone. To make the download process more easier for you, kindly tap here.

WhoSnooped is jus like a trap to snoopers, the moment the person tries to unlock your cell phone” it will capture his or her picture.

Alternatively, there’s another iOS app to catch someone checking your iPhone, it’s called iTrust. It share similar features with WhoSnooped, very powerful and amazing. You can go ahead an install it here.

How To Catch Someone Snooping In Your Android Phone?

Remember what I said earlier, we also have a very strong android app that captures snooper photo whenever the person try to unlock or invade in your android phone without your permission.


The app name is HiddenEye, and it’s available on play store. You can download and install it by tapping here” or go to Google play store and search for it.

HiddenEye app work like magic, just like the iOS version. You just have to install it from play store following the above link” and it’s absolutely for free. The only thing required from you, is to follow the set up guide properly” and it will start running in your device.


Although there’s another android app that perform the same function. Yeah, they share similar features’ the name LookOut and you can install it here.

Excluding from taking picture of someone who incorrectly guesses your passcode. It also act as a remote tracker or watchdog to your cell phone.

What App Takes A Picture When The Password Is wrong iPhone?

The apps that take a picture when passcode is incorrect are;

  1. WhoSnooped – for iOS
  2. iTrust – for iOS
  3. HiddenEye – for android users
  4. LookOut – for android users
What App Takes A Picture When The Password Is wrong iPhone photo


Rounding off the content here, hopefully you have seen the apps to catch someone snooping on your phone? Please ensure that you take action immediately.

And also follow the set up guide as instructed by the app developer. You can as well upgrade to the premium version and protect your phone from intruders.

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