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Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps

Create your Website


Steps to Set Up and Create your Website

So you want to create your website? You want to take your business serious, and you are willing to seek help getting your site up and running. This four-step will guide you through the simple process from start to finish.


You must know that creating a website is actually not rocket science. You can actually do quite a lot all by yourself if you follow this post keenly to the end.


Letโ€™s quickly consider what you need before you begin the four steps guide to a website set up. After this section, we quickly go down to what brought us here. It is imperative we clear the air first. Running down to the subject without these might still leave you confused about where to begin from.


Take a look at it…


You Need a powerful Hosting Management Tool


There are several numbers of a powerful web hosting management tools out there. Some of them are Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, Namecheap, and Whogohost. These few are recommended because of their quality services which will be much talked about on this platform.


Without the hosting management company, you may not have a Cpanel. This is to say that these companies provide the Cpanel needed to have your site up and running. Within the Cpanel, we have the Softaculous Apps Installer to proceed on the next necessary option.




You need a Cpanel


First and foremost, it is necessary to note that without a Cpanel, you are not quite ready to create your website. But what is Cpanel, to start with?


cPanel is a web based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners allowing them to manage their websites from a web based interface

Clear Definition


Do you see? Without one, you can not possibly manage your website because all you need to keep a website up and running is a web-based interface.


Many host providers, like Whogohost, Namecheap, Bluehost, Dreamhost, HostGator, etc, all make Cpanel available to website owners. This is to make them get their sites fully set up for business.


Cpanel contains quite a reasonable number of important tools that you can explore, and exploit to the best of your discretion.




Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps 1
This is how a Cpanel looks like


You need Softaculous


Within the Cpanel, we have the Softaculous Application Installer. This comes with a lot of useful selective apps and other software you can install on your site for free. One of the apps which would be needed to quickly create your website is WordPress, also in the softaculous apps installer.


Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps 2


Now, letโ€™s hit the four steps without much ado!


  1. Buy a Domain name.
  2. Connecting your Domain name to your hosting package
  3. Install WordPress or any other CMS of choice using Softaculous
  4. Create your Site and run your business.


Buy a Domain Name


Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps 3


A domain name is, in the simple descriptive terms, your business name. This is what people look for when coming to your website. To get your domain name is quite a one-step easy process away.


All that is required of you is to enter a name that suits your business. For example, suits our business on this platform. You go ahead and choose yours, based on your niche. You can check out 7 Tips for choosing the perfect domain name.


Your domain name must meet the purpose of your website. You can enter the name in the search below, select it to add to your cart and buy it.


Do not go for free domain names, so they really exist?


Connect your Domain name to your hosting package


This part really gave me a tough blow when I started out. It is very simple, at least, this is not really technical and can be settled within a short time, and without help from a technical or web development geeky across the street!


You need to POINT your newly purchased domain name to a host, which will house your site. You need your domain to react to a click with a reasonable page opening, even if it has to be an uncompleted website.


You can do this by simply updating your nameservers [also called Domain Name Servers (DNS)]. The DNS links your domain to the server where your website is stored. The nameservers are provided by your hosting company.


You can register your domain and host using the same Registrar, and you may also register with separate Registrars. So, depending on where your domain name is registered, there is a need to point the provided nameservers so as to get your site ready for work.


Having said that, I recommend either Bluehost, DreamHost or Namecheap for your web hosting. They both have great customer service advantages for your everyday challenges. What more can be expected if no one is available to solve your issues in minutes!


Install WordPress using Softaculous


At this stage, we want to give your website a look. Content is all there is to a great website. But how can we do this? We will be installing a Content Management System (CMS).


Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps 4


Since we are looking at creating a website for you right away, the best easy to use CMS is WordPress. It gives you a fully customizable website and with it, you are good to go.


Installing WordPress is one-click and it is absolutely FREE!


To install WordPress, you need to log in to your Cpanel account. Your login details are provided by the host company of your choice via a welcome email. They are usually different from the host account login.


As earlier stated, in the Cpanel, we have a lot of tools for installation. These tools are site management tools that can be found in Softaculous.




Set Up and Create your Website with these 4 Simple Steps 5


With the installed WordPress, you can create your website and manage its content and settings.


There are various Content Management Softwares such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento (e-commerce), PrestaShop (e-commerce) and more. We recommend using WordPress for these reasons. WordPress is easy to customize and add content to.


  1. Open Softaculous, and click on WordPress to begin the installation
  2. Scroll down and install WordPress
  3. Type the domain name you just purchased (or the one you had already) to install WordPress on. The system will check and verify the domain
  4. WordPress will start installing. This process may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed
  5. Once installed, click View Credentials. At this point, it will bring up your administrative information for your WordPress account. Youโ€™ll be able to see the URL, your username and a system-assigned password. Use these credentials to log in to your new WordPress website!


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