4 Ways To Factory Reset Apple Watch Without Apple ID

Can I reset apple watch without ID? The answer is yes, it’s very possible to factory reset apple watch without apple ID. Hence, I will be sharing about 4 ways to easily achieve this by yourself. You don’t need to contact apple support to reset your watch without apple ID, with this guide” you can easily erase it.

If eventually you forgot your apple watch ID, or you bought already used watch” you can actually factory reset it even without the ID. Yes, you heard me right” though, it may be quite difficult’ but not impossible.

The only issue you may have after factory resetting your apple watch is lost of files, but this can only happen’ if you didn’t back up your watch before proceeding to factory reset. However, I don’t think it’s a big deal, you can still get them back in no distance time.

In the process of factory resetting your apple watch, you may be prompt to enter your passcode. Do you have it offhand? If no, don’t worry’ all the necessary information you need to erase your apple watch without ID or password is written down here. You’re expected to read and follow instructions properly, meanwhile’ before I proceed, let’s quickly take a glance at these questions.

I Found An Apple Watch How Do I Reset It?


If you found apple watch that doesn’t belong to you, please return it to the rightful owner and save yourself from embarrassment of taking what doesn’t belong to you. The owner might go extra mile, in tracking the apple watch, you have to be very careful.

But if you insist on resetting the watch and start using it, cool. You can follow the below steps to factory reset it” and everything will be wiped out. Though in some cases, the apple watch won’t erase all content and settings.

Can You Remove Activation Lock On apple Watch Without Apple ID?


A lot of people have been asking us ‘how to bypass activation lock on apple watch? Well, the answer is NO”. You can’t possibly bypass or remove activation on apple watch without ID or password.

At first, you you be asked to unpair your apple watch using iPhone, before proceeding to remove activation lock. But along the line, you will be prompt to enter your Apple ID or password to remove it. Hence, apple ID or password is required to successfully remove activation lock on apple watch.

However, you can still factory reset your apple watch without ID and start using it again. The only thing you need right now is to follow up the tutorial as stated here and you will bypass it.

How To Factory Reset Apple Watch Without Apple ID, Passcode Or iPhone


Definitely you have been looking forward to getting the information that I’m about to share right now. Well, no delay’ let’s quickly proceed;

  • From Your Apple Watch home screen, tap on Settings App”.
  • Navigate and tap on “General.
  • After that, Select Reset.
  • Go ahead and tap “Erase All Content and Settings.
  • You might be asked to enter your passcode, that’s if you enabled it.
  • Finally Click on “Erase All to Confirm.

That’s all, you’re done with Apple watch factory resetting. But that’s not the end for those who forgot their password and would like to factory reset their apple watch without ID or password.

Remember I earlier told you guys that you can factory reset apple watch without password or passcode? Yes, it’s not impossible” kindly follow this guide;

How To Factory Reset Apple Watch Without  Password


If you eventually forgot your apple watch password, or you found apple watch with passcode you don’t know. Then, go ahead and use this guide to reset it:

  • First of all, you have to put your apple watch on its charger and follow up this guide.
  • Long press the side button until Power Off appear.
  • Then again, long press the “Digital Crown” for some time, ( Erase all content and settings), should appear.
  • Go ahead and click “Reset, after that’ tap on “Reset again to confirm the whole process.
  • While it begins, wait for some time to finish erasing and proceed to setting up your apple watch.
  • If you backed up your data before the factory resetting your apple watch, kindly tap on restore” and have all your files back.

Congrats, you have finally factory reset your apple watch without password, hopefully you feel better? I’m glad to help you with informative content.



I will be wrapping up the content here, hopefully you have learnt how to factory reset apple watch without apple ID, passcode or iPhone?. That’s awesome, feel free to walk-around the web to navigate more helpful contents on apple watch.

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