5 Ways To Fix “Contact Names Not Showing In Messages On Android

Obviously you’re in a situation where your saved contact names not showing in messages on android. This isn’t something to be worried about, I will show you how to fix this issue within few seconds.

Normally, you ought to see the contact name of the person that send the text message, if you saved it on your android phone. But in a situation where the contact name doesn’t show up, that means’ something is definitely wrong.

Well, it’s never something to be worried about. You can actually fix this issue with this guide, we have pointed out some reasons that may lead to this error and also show you guys how to get it resolved.

As an android phone user, you can prevent this error from occuring in your cell phone by syncing all your contacts with your Google account. This will help you not to loose any contact, nor miss their text messages or calls.

You can do this in a twinkle of an eyes, however’ this may not be a permanent solution to it. Hence, we have listed out the major things that causes saved contacts not showing names in messages on android.

Why Messages Showing Numbers Not Contact Names Android?

Just as I said earlier, before I proceed to sharing tested and trusted information on how to resolve this issue permanently. I will first of all, point out some of the reasons that might cause this error;

Outdated SMS App

This is the number reason your contact names may not be showing in messages on android. If your sms application is outdated, you have to update it instantly” so as to be able to get data from your contacts.

Now, I want you to check if your sms app is up to date, if it’s not” kindly update to the lastest very and check your text messages to see the names appear automatically.

Contacts Not Sync With Google Account

If you fail to sync your contacts with your Google account, you may likely to face this issue. In some cases, it may not be the reason. However, you need to sync all your contacts in your Google and be on a safer side. Check a complete guide on how to do it;

Phone Virus

This could occur as a result of phone virus, if your phone have virus” it may hinder your phone contact names from showing up in messages on android. Now, you have to scan your cell phone or install ani-virus app to help you fix this issue.

Factory Reset

If you factory reset your phone, it their might be every tendency that’ you delete the contact names or the settings. Hence, try saving the contacts again” if that’s the issue and don’t forget to back it up by syncing with your Google account.

Thirty Party SMS App

Sincerely, some apps on Google play store doesn’t work installing. If you’re using a sms app, install it and use the default android text messaging app.

Now that you have seen the reasons contact names is not showing in messages on android, let me quickly proceed to showing you our guide on how to fix it permanently.

How To Fix “Saved Contact Names Not Showing In Messages On Android

At this point, I will be sharing the information on how to fix it” please read carefully and follow instructions as stated here;

  • Go to your Phone Settings.
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Click on Contact Sync (Make sure that’s enabled).
  • After enabling it, if it’s not” now follow up;
  • Go to phone Contact/people App and check if there’s “enable or disable for each contact, as opposed to the phone number.

Alternatively, there’s another way of resolving this issue” most especially if the first method didn’t work ( which I don’t think it’s possible ) anyways, read the second method below;

Contact Names Not Showing In Messages On Android – Fixed

Contact Names Not Showing In Messages On Android – Fixed photo

This method is what my friend used to fix his own, that’s why I decided to share it with you guys;

  • Go to Google play store
  • Search For SMS Messages
  • Then, Uninstall the SMS App
  • Update it immediately, and that’s it.

With this method, you won’t did lose any text messages at all and now all the names will appear in your text messages, even the old text messages contacts will appear instantly. So try and uninstall your messages app and update/reinstall it.


I will be dropping my pen here, and there’s no doubt’ that you have learnt how to fix “saved contact names not showing in messages on android. What next? We expect you to take action immediately, after that’ give us feedback via the comment box below.

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