5 Ways To Fix “Last Line No Longer Available On iPhone

We have fixed last line no longer
available on iPhone 12 pro max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 XR/XS. So, we will be sharing information on how we were able to permanently resolve last line no longer
available on iPhone. After going through this content, it won’t take you more than 3 minutes to fix your own.

What does last line no longer available, do you want to call using your remaining line mean? And how to fix it? Continue reading to find out.

So many iPhone users are currently facing this error after making phone calls, the next thing that will pop up is “last line no longer available” and it got a lot of people worried. Well, that’s not something to be afraid of, just as I said earlier’ I will properly guide you on how to fix it permanently.

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Through the notification seems to be very annoying, and looking at it from your end there’s no option to fix it after iOS upgraded to a new version. Well, that’s iPhone for you, it can be a little bit toxic sometimes, more especially when you purchase your Apple iPhone new.

What Does Last Line No Longer Available Mean On iPhone?


It’s an error most iPhone 11 XR/XS, iPhone 12 pro max, and iPhone 12 model users face whenever they want to call a number/ line that’s no longer available on the notification.

Last Line No Longer Available On iPhone

This means, you can’t be able to reach out to the number you’re dialing with the sim card. And you will be suggested to try another sim, hence’ you will have to follow this guide to fix it.

Last Line No Longer Available On iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 & 11 XR/XS


Remember what I said earlier, the methods that I’m about to share right now is what I used to resolve no last line no longer available on iPhone and iOS. It works perfectly, you can try all the methods and know the one that works for you.

Reinstall Your Sim Card


The first step to take whenever you encounter this iOS/ iPhone error is to remove your sim card from your phone and insert it back after some minutes.

I have been using this method for awhile now, but in some cases” it reoccurre days after inserting it back, hence you have to use the second method if at all it happen.

Delete All Call Log


By clearing your call loges, last line no longer available on iPhone will automatically stop. All you have to do is to, go to iPhone call App => click on Recent => select Edit => clear => now click ” Clear All Recent”.

In the process, all your recent call logs will be wiped out, if you have a data you wouldn’t want to delete” then try as much as you can to back it up before proceeding to use this method to fix last line no longer available.

Reboot Your iPhone/iOS


Exclude from reinstalling your sim card, another yet fast method to fix this error is by rebooting your device. Wait for some minutes after rebooting and everything will start working properly.

Update Your iPhone Version


iOS from time to time upgrade to a new version, thereby adding more powerful features it. Hence, the error might be as a result of using outdated version of your iPhone.

Now, you will check the current status by Going to phone => Settings => General => Software Update. If there’s a new version, update and you won’t see last line no longer available again.

Reset Your Network Settings


Whenever you reset your network settings, all software errors will be removed automatically. Hence, this error you’re facing now will be fixed permanently as soon as you reset your network. For you to reset it, Go to Phone¬†Settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings.

Contacting Apple Care


In summary of the whole methods, if the error continue’ then, I recommend you to contact Apple Care

They will tell you what else to do and get it fixed permanently. Meanwhile, you can use the comment box below give us feedback.

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