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At the end of this post, you should be able to determine what works best for you by sampling anyone that meets your ability to promote without breaking the bank. One question, is it possible to make money blogging? And the emphatic answer is YES!

How then is it possible to make money blogging?

First thing first, if you think of getting rich quick through blogging, then this post is not for you. But if you believe you can patiently nurture your business gradually, then keep reading.

At the beginning of their blogging experience, very many bloggers have, at that point in time, wondered how to make money from blogging. Maybe this is the point that you have found yourself, or maybe you have been in the game for a while, and would love to learn something new. This piece will be benefiting to your need.

Most likely, before Nigeria’s Linda Ikeji revealed how she bought a mansion at Banana Island, very many Africans, Nigerians especially, never thought it was possible to own an online platform such as news blog, an entertainment blog, music blog or at least express an online presence with aim of making money from there, and actually make as much as would be able to put food consistently, on their table, less to speak, buying a car, or a mansion. These shows you can make money blogging.

There is obviously a lot of space for upcoming bloggers to cut their own piece of cake. This goes on to tell you despite the fact that other online news platform have not taken the whole space available on air. There are still loops and millions of people are still hungry for new things. This is where your blog special niche should cut in.

I will be showing you some of the simple ways to make money from blogging by publishing news, keeping dairy, telling stories, writing articles and making reviews on your blog/website.


The online realm is a reality that has turned out undeniably irrevocable. Virtually all businesses today, own a space in the cloud for businesses. They either have a self hosted space (paid or free) or depend on other hosts (tag: website hosting (free or paid). While a lot of people make money from their personal website, some also make money using social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram , to mention but a few.

Have you ever wondered how possible it is for someone to simply sit at the corner of his house, order a car and within a short time, a new car is parked at his garage, paid for and self owned? That is the power of the internet, through online market places.

Today, we shall be talking about monetizing your blog. You can make as much as N5m a year doing this. The bad news is that, you have to be really hardworking and consistent in what you are doing to be able to earn that much.

It is assumed that you have a blog already or you are simply planning to have one (what you need to know before starting a blog). Mind you, monetizing your blog simply means, creating a means by which transactions can take place on your blog, where you make money from.

1. Selling Products

Let me tell you something. Every successful business is selling something; a product or a service. In selling, someone is buying or paying for the product/service.

Millions of people are on the internet, all searching for one thing and another, others are searching for products and services to solve various problems. What to sell depends solely on what you know how to do best. The question is, how can you sell using your blog? This is where e-commerce steps in. You can installing Woocommerce and run an online shop. You can as well subscribe to run a shop at Shopify. This could increase your sales, reduce operating costs and boost profit margins for your business.

An online store runs round the clock, even while you sleep.


If you have passion about doing this, you can to create and sell your digital products (ebook or softwares), sell offline products by driving sales online. These will require appropriate promotion in order to convert visitors to buyers

2. Advertising

Very many authority blogs are considered best place to advertise other people’s businesses online. So advertising is another way you can make money from blogging. When a blog is an ‘authority’ blog, I refer to such that have high rate of visitors for specific reasons.

You need a decent amount of visitors to actually make money from this one. The traffic is what makes the much needed trust from advertisers, before they can approve to use your blog to promote or publicize their products and services.


Let’s take a look at Blog A and Blog B (only for example). The trust level of advertisement using Blog A with about one million monthly visitors, over Blog B with only one thousand monthly visitors cannot be comparable. One great factor determining the different level here is unique content. Content is a live wire, but unique content is POWER! People are more likely to be attracted to great contents and your blog must carry that weight to enjoy what  the demanded popularity go for, and that will attract advertisers to you. The money is in the list that work.

All categories of advertisements requires the above stated factors to convert to cash. This include Pay-per-Click Advertisement, display advertising, Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM) & (SEO), Social Media Advertisement, Native advertisement, Remarketing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Ads, etc.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is broad. It is a model that allows you to join, promote and earn from products sold on behalf of other companies, using a unique link specially created for you. This is absolutely free to join programs (after all, it is a win-win situation – you sell and earn, the companies make money too). Sometimes, you can earn over 75% of a product you promote using your blog, by using unique affiliate links embedded in-between posts.


Affiliate marketing earning is a passive source of income. It gives your blog the potential to make money for you, using simple techniques, while you are sleeping, watching your best TV programs or on a trip to Vahamas for vacation.

You can take advantage of this free ebook to learn how to make millions running affiliate marketing.

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4. Sponsored Contents

This one also depend on your generated traffic. The weaker your traffic strength, the bad it is! On the other hand, the stronger your traffic strength, the better!

Remember, content is king. This is why retains your traffic most, and if that part is settled, coupled with your consistent posting, you would be at a high advantage to make money through sponsoring contents.

Sponsored content relates with advertising as mentioned above. It is also called featured postThis time, you are paid to display another platform’s post, which promotes a product or create an awareness. This is not sidebar advertisement this time around like that of advertisement.


It is usually a short post or review about something that would benefit someone who pays you to have his or post on your blog. The person must simply admire your traffic first and foremost before he or she could request to have his or post featured on your blog.

5. Accepting Donations

Let us assume you are running a membership site. Or like emphasized earlier, you have great contents as well as massive traffic database. You can embed a PayPal or PayStack payment button to your site. With it, you can  request for a token from members. They may be willing to support with such a small token to support your work.

This most of the time, works on sites that do not have other special money making techniques such as advertising, affiliate links, etc, to boost their business moral with.

This means may not work for you if you do not have great content, or/and great traffic. Bear in mind the KLT factor (how effective is your KLT skill). The KLT factor simply means Know, Like and Trust. If your readers don’t know you for what you do, how would they even like (or dislike) you. If they do not like you, how would they trust you enough to decide to let go their hard earned penny into your pool.

You would need to work really hard and create a good way of getting recommendations from others by joining groups that would promote your brands.


None of the above is a Get-Rich-Quick-Business (GRQB). Persistent promotion and unwavering quality contents in the appropriate niche drives sales a lot.

You may not stay up by JUMPING UP, but rather GROWING UP. Following the proper processes makes available the needed profits.

Now you are here. The above methods are not all there is to making money online. I have however compiled a long list of possible ways to make money using your blog.

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Sure ways to make money online in 2019

It is imperative to note that you do not necessarily have to wait so long to become an authority. All there is to do is to ensure you are promoting a niche that sells best.

I have a list of niches you may wish to pick from. They are uniquely selected as current paying niches in blogging line of business.

If you have other sure ways you have leveraged on in making money, kindly share with us. Use the comment box below.

To your success in blogging, CHEERS!

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