Android Browser Keeps Opening By Itself – See How To Fix It

A lot of people have been complaining of android browser keeps opening by itself, thereby asking us “how to stop browser from opening automatically on android phone. Well, this is hilarious” but fixing the issue is certain. So, I will show you how to resolve this within few minutes of going through this article.

This issue doesn’t occur only on Google chrome browser, it also open Safari, Firefox, duckduckgo, bing play apps and other web browsers you may be using. Indeed, it’s worrisome and this has made a lot android users to go as far as factory resetting their cell phone, without knowing that it’s not a fix to it.

Do you know why your android browser keeps opening random web pages? No’ right? It’s simple because, you accepted a website pop up notification while browsing the internet. Or you mistakenly click on a link that contains a powerful virus. Let me quickly explain in detail, so that you will understand why you’re currently facing this issue and how to fix it permanently.

Why Does My Internet Browser Open With Ads Every Time I Unlock The Screen?


If you’re seeing ads pop us notifications anytime you unlock your android phone, it’s simply because you accepted to be notified whenever the website publish new contents.

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Sometimes, it’s ads network notifications you accepted while browsing different sites. This can be so annoying, however’ you can erase it and stop receiving those ads notifications by clearing your browser cache.

How To Stop Websites From Opening Automatically In Browser In Mobile?


Just as I said earlier, the main reason you’re currently facing the issue of websites opening automatically’ in browser in mobile is simply because you ignorantly enabled send notifications from those websites. But putting an end to it, is not a big deal anyways, kindly follow the below steps to turn it off instantly;

  • Open your Android phone and tap on your Browser App.
  • Go to the webpage ( site opening automatically’)
  • Tap on the three dots at the right side bar.
  • Navigate “Site Settings“.
  • Click on Pop-ups and redirects
  • Android Browser Keeps Opening By Itself - See How To Fix It
  • When you click on it, toggle block site from pop-ups and redirects
  • It will automatically stop those annoying ads pop-ups, when you open your phone” more especially when your cellular data is turned on.

unwanted Websites Opening Automatically In Chrome Android


Whenever unwanted websites start opening automatically in chrome android, it simply that you turned on notifications. I have said this earlier, and I’m repeating it again, to resolve this issue permanently follow these steps;

  • Open your Android Chrome Browser.
  • Go to that unwanted website that  opens automatically.
  • Tap the (3) three dots at the right side bar.
  • Scroll down and native Site Settings.
  • Tap on it and click “Pop-ups and redirects.
  • In the next page, toggle with block site from pop-ups and redirects, it will stop instantly.

It’s very easy to fix, you have to use the above screenshots to fix it by yourself. No need of factory resetting your android, these guide alone will fix it permanently.

Play Store Opens When I Unlock My Phone


If whenever you unlock your android phone, apple or Google play store opens by itself” it simply means that your phone is inflicted with virus.

What you have to do right now is to factory reset your android phone. So as to erase or wipe off all the viruses, to get started follow the guidelines below;

  • Open your Android Phone Settings.
  • Click on System and “Select Reset
  • After that, tap “Erase all data” or Factory Reset.
  • After that, walk-around and locate ‘Reset phone‘.
  • You will be asked to confirm the action” go ahead and click ” Erase Everything
  • Wait for some minutes for your android phone factory resetting and reboot.

Though you may lose some of your media files, if not backed up or synced in your Google account. But you won’t expirencing play store opening automatically or by itself again.

Android Browser Keeps Opening By Itself – See How To Fix It


Irrespective of the browser you’re using on your android phone, if it opens by itself whenever you unlock your device, it’s definitely not normal. What you will do right now is to clear your cache/search history of the browser.

  • Open your phone settings
  • Or, tap and hold from the phone home screen.
  • Select App info
  • Click on storage Usage
  • Finally tap on Clear Cache

It will clear all the previous browse history and start functioning properly again.

Reinstall The Browser


Alternatively, you can fix android browser keeps opening by itself, by deleting the browser app and reinstall it again. Or, check if the browser version is outdated, then’ update to the latest version and the issue will stop.



That’s how to fix browser keeps opening by itself on android, I hope you find this article very helpful? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback after trying the above methods.

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