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In this post, we will be showing you why Bluehost is a must use for you blogs or website. There is a current high rise in the number of blogs and professional websites today, than used to be several years ago. Very many times, the question of which of the available hosting platform is most preferable for bloggers, have had to gain front desk position. Isn’t this simply the best cheap web hosting ever? Let’s see some features and weigh the cost together.
The key search, best hosting companies in the world is obviously one of the common possible pop up, when ever a search for the best hosting companies is initiated.

This so much reminds me about one of the first hosting company in existence at the time the idea of owning a website first came, even though at that time, without a clear vision about what business to use it for. If you are in similar situation, I think you are lucky to have this post come your way. This is the direction.

There are very many web hosting companies out there. They all seem to offer great mouthwatering packages for their customers, but they have slight differences to pick out. In so much that they pose very serious challenge in determining which one to go for. This post is not actually to woo and win you into making a choice, rather it is to actually recommend by showing you why bluehost is best for your blog or website hosting.


Is Bluehost Really the Right Host for You?

Well, contrary to the direct recommendation, the above question is to help further in your search for the best web host company to look at.

Of the thousands of web hosts that exist only three have won the coveted official recommendation of the WordPress organization. One of those is Bluehost.

In my opinion, Bluehost is very interesting. What really makes Bluehost interesting, much more interesting than others is that they aren’t just a WordPress shop. You know what? They not only provide everything needed to power simple blogs, but also powers advanced enterprise e-commerce websites.

Bluehost hosting is one of the three (others are: dreamhost and siteground) most recommended officially by WordPress hosting page. Apart from the industry praise they receive, Bluehost is no doubt a best choice web host for WordPress blog.

In record, WordPress powers over 2 million websites, and offers the best CMS platform. Bluehost is specially tuned for WordPress with WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation. The other big plus is that you are entitled to a FREE domain name, email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and many more advantages on the side.

But exactly what makes Bluehost really special? Do they receive the industry praise because they are undoubtedly the the right host for you and your business? Well, let us see this together.

Bluehost is Officially Recognized by WordPress Hosting Page

The conclusion that Bluehost is one of the three officially recognized host company is not debatable. It is clear on the WordPress Hosting Page. The three recognized host companies are Bluehost, Dreamhost & Siteground.  Bluehost Webhosting, as an officially recommended host company, in apparent state, is the best choice for your new WordPress blog.


In determining this, we have checked certain parameters like experience with their performance in terms of speed and server response time; their reliability as it relates with server availability round the clock, round the years; their excellent customer support, the user-friendly control panel, pricing, free domains and other great features to build your website.

Are you convinced already? Feel free, Skip everything & get Bluehost Now!


Bluehost Offers 3 Shared Hosting Packages (Free domain, SSL Cert. etc)

Bluehost offers 3 shared hosting package, and all packages come with one free domain name, Free SSL Certificate & PHP 7.0 support. Below are the packages:

  • Bluehost Basic: This package let you host 1 website
  • Bluehost Plus: Let you host up to 10 Websites. This is the Recommended plan because it saves cost the more.
  • Bluehost Prime: Recommended for those who need WHOIS privacy for domain.
See Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans here



With Bluehost, think Impressive Customer Support Team and Resources

If there one reason to consider Bluehost, then it should be the excellent and impressive customer service. 24/7/365 effective customer service is a great deal in the days of internet business. The Bluehost customer support team are ready at all hours to help you out with almost anything.

As a user, I can stand every other cons, but with excellent and impressive customer service (always attending to customer issues), I chose to win with the best host company.

The company provides some cheap, basic hosting plans for individuals and small businesses. This means that many people using their services will be unfamiliar with the world of web hosting.


Bluehost recognizes the need of the many thousands of new users and offers the following:

  • A team of specialized support assistants
  • Their commitment to WordPress has also led to the development of an expert WordPress support team who know their way around the platform well
  • 365/24/7 customer support
  • Phone, Email & Live chat support.

This support isn’t reserved for customers on higher-priced plans as is sometimes the case with web hosts. Everyone enjoy equal access to their knowledgeable customer service team.


Let’s talk about Bluehost’s Uptime and Server Response Time.

Uptime and Server response time are some aspects that can not be over emphasized. Just like any hosting company out there, Bluehost strives for high network and server uptimes. From experience, unlike many others, they don’t make an uptime guarantee in all countries.

From experiment, Bluehost server in the US perform better. This actually is a bit of a disadvantage since many businesses operates around the globe and not just the US. However, if your audience is in the US, then you would benefit quite a lot. You may have to change your server, if your audiences come from other parts of the world.

Many things can affect the uptime of hosting services. Servers can go down because of traffic overloads, hardware failure, or file corruption.


Start a Blog/Website – the Right Way with the Right Host

Ready to start a blog or own a website? Well, obviously, yes! Ensure that you are doing these whole things the right way in the right direction. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons of a web host company. If it meets up with all that you require for a standard blog, then shot at it. It’s all yours.

Remember, the success of your online presence in business is totally dependent on what your site sits on, a weak host or a strong one. So, over to you, get started! Do you need advice? Or do you have a question? TechJARA has got you covered, kindly use the comments box below.




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