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Today, I bring  you a great news about a Free Cloud Hosting Company, Viewen. As a matter of fact, they are the best free cloud hosting company in operation as we speak. If you are a beginner with low budget; or if you are in urgent need for a free host account to add your web pages and continue business, then this post is for you.


Viewen is a leading provider of free cloud-based platform solutions designed to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. The company serves members globally with a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services.

What inspiration drives Viewen?

This company is inspired by an idea that we all share common views and that we are better off expressing those views rather than burying them. It was based on this, that Orlando Delcid launched Viewen as a platform for up-and-coming actors, of which many have gone on to become rather famous.

Why Viewen offers Free Cloud-based Hosting?

You may want to know why Viewen has decided to offer this for free in the midst of stiff competition for paid services as obtainable with other top host companies. Do Viewen pay staff salaries and from where do they get money to pay up their bills?

It must interest you however, that Viewen do not sell any type of hosting because their “vision is purely centred around a free model and not a paid one.”

What you need to do about the Viewen Free Hosting Idea

You can’t afford to miss out on this chance especially now that you can now have access the best free Cloud Hosting for your website/blog. I understand it if you are in doubt just so soon, and hope by the end of this reading, you’d see the need to consider Viewen.

As the internet becomes a part of our lives, on the daily basis, only a few people know that Free Cloud Hosting exists or is available. Before I joined the few who knew it is possible to actually host on a free cloud, I had doubted if there ever exist any such, as we all know that there is no such thing as free food in Freetown.

You may conclude so fast that Paid Hosting comes with premium features that can never be obtainable from Free Hosting. This may no doubt be true. Let us quickly consider the Pros and Cons of Free Hosting & Paid Hosting. From there on, the ultimate option will be recommended for you.

Advantages: Paid Web Hosting VS Free Web Hosting

1. Paid Web Hosting offer Premium Call Service

Paid services generally comes with premium supports and extended services to cater for the payment made for that services. Most time, the service providers do claim to keep your site free from Ads, grant freedom to sell Ads, provide excellent customer supports, and other mouthwatering services.

Looking at these, most of the time, the only advantage that stands out is that the host company offer phone supports. This is geared toward ensuring the customer have a feel that the company could carve out time to take care of their problems closely.

Most of the time, the calls are converted into a ticket for the admin to treat as part of the long queue of tickets. From experience, I quite agree that accessibility to phone conversation with supports, are mostly for billing disputes as this is more convenient than raising a ticket.

2. Paid Web Hosting offer Premium cPanel

The cPanel is where you manage most aspect of your website from installation of wordpress to accessing of the site file manager and very many features available. Another unique feature is that they offer great script from the cpanel. These scripts make possible the installation of WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other CMS scripts available out there.

3. Paid Web Hosting have Stable Platform

This is another great advantage of the paid hosting. While free hosting offers quite less stable platform, the paid one provide excellently stable platform. Stability in this sense refers more to features like more disk space and secured server.

These three advantages puts a paid service miles ahead of free hosting services that mostly comes with limited features which most of the time, lowers the morale of beginners with low budget.

Why you should consider Viewen (the best free cloud hosting company)

You may wish to search all over the internet for the best free cloud hosting platform. There abound so many out there with several features. Viewen is no doubt maintaining a Vision to offer a purely free model and so far, according to unbiased reviews, the company turns out to have been the only true Free Cloud Hosting that offers stable, powerful platform.


In connection with these positive reviews about Viewen, where there is no doubt that some paid web host companies provide excellent portfolio, Viewen’s free service compares in all angle of operation, providing premium access for free for their clients. This leaves me with belief that there’s high possibility of some special things about Viewen free Cloud-based services that you may be missing.

Viewen provides the free tool simply to allow users able to reach their audience, the users, having defined audience and determined how to reach them. Most companies provide the tools for a monthly or yearly fee. This separates them from the huge advantage proffered by Viewen.

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Viewen offers Competitive Values

1. Excellent Customer Service and Excellent Team Players

Though their main support avenue is through the normal ticket system or their social media support, they provide same day response. The encourage that customers can receive calls for critical issues beyond just raising a ticket. Well, since there is no billing system for the Free Cloud service, there may definitely be no need for the calls. People call mostly for Billing challenges


2. Same Control Panel as that of Major Players

Surprisingly, Viewen have the exact cPanel as that of major players in the cloud hosting business. With same data center and same quality of service, just as seen in the picture attached.

3. Vision Centres on Alleviating People of Financial Burdens

At Viewen, the Cloud Platform is provided for free in order to alleviate financial burdens of users; to help users channel their extra cash to proper marketing. Also record successful websites and become better individuals through fulfillment of their visions. This way they have leveled the playing field around the world.

Security and Payment for Services

So much has been said about the free web host Service from Viewen. There is no point over-flogging it. Don’t worry about receiving an invoice for hosting your site with Viewen.

The security of a site is as important as the entire existence of that website. Clients are expected to inform them before transferring to their servers, ‘if their site is compromised or has got malwares’. An account will be banned if a citizen upload a compromised or malware infested site.

What Viewen Requires from you

Viewen requires just two things from its growing users! JUST TWO! According to them,

“There are only 2 things that we ask of our Citizens (As a member, you’re considered a Citizen). The first is that you verify your identity not by credit card or photo ID. But by simply providing us a link to your Facebook page. In order for us to verify it’s your page, simply give our Facebook page a like. Think about this way, one simple like we get you unlimited resources.”

“The second thing is also easy. If our services have made a difference in your life and you’re happy with it, simply share Viewen on your Facebook timeline once a month as your way of showing support for this platform. That is it! No money, no ads, no contract, no credit cards, and no up-sells. We keep nice and clean.”

IT IS THAT SIMPLE! is currently being hosted on the Viewen Servers. So far we have had no cause to regret, otherwise, trust me, I would have been off the web. 

These are purely my opinion about the company, and it is based on my experience with them so far. Please feel free to drop your questions and comments. Let’s reason together.

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