Best Secret Calculator App For iPhone 2022 – App To Hide Photos/Video

In our today’s blog post, I will be sharing the best secret calculator app for iPhone. Calculator vault app to hide photos, videos in your iPhone. If you’re an iOS user” and you want to hide some files, so that no one will ever see it when they access your phone’ then use this calculator vault app.

Maybe you have kids, who always play around with your cell phone. Or a partner who’s very inquisitive to know everything you’re doing over the phone. Well, the solution is this secret calculator app, it will hide all your text messages, pictures, videos and apps for free.

If there’s any sensitive information or files you wouldn’t want your kids or spouse to see, you can use this secret calculator app to hide them and no one will ever access it. On a normal, whenever you give someone your mobile phone” their first target is to read your text messages. Hence, you can encrypt your messages with this calculator app.

Secret Calculator App For iPhone


One of the outstanding features I so much like about this calculator vault app, is that’ it looks exactly like your iPhone calculator. Very innocent that no one will ever suspect that you actually hid your photos, videos, or even text messages there.

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You can also use this secret calculator app for iPhone to do your normal calculations, solve mathematics as well. And anyone accessing your cell phone can do the same, without knowing that you hide some of your files there. The app requires password PIN or fingerprint lock, so you will be the only one to access it.

App To Hide Photos/Videos On iPhone


I have taken my time to filter out the best app to download, and hide photos, videos and other files you wouldn’t want someone else to see when the access your phone.

This secret calculator App act like a savior to iPhone users who wouldn’t want anyone to see some of their private files. Without saying much, I will go ahead and show the best among all. All iPhone users who wants to hide their Photos, Videos and more, should download the app pointed out here.

Best Secret Calculator App For iPhone 2022 – Hide Photos/Video


There are hundreds of secret calculator apps on Google play store and apps store, but I have taken my time to filter out the best for iOS. So, if you’re looking for the best calculator app hider to download and hide your private photos, videos and other files, kindly download;

NS Vault (Calculator# )

Secret Calculator App For iPhone

It is the best and ultimate privacy app for photos, videos, passwords, notes and other information on your iPhone. It also work perfectly on android phone” but popular to iOS.

This app is specially designed for privacy protection” it does nothing but to hide your pictures, videos, notes and more. NS vault app is absolutely for free, you won’t pay anything to start using the app. It’s very easy to access, with a calculator outlook.

NS vault calculator app is very safe, as matter what fact’ you can decide to use iCloud backup to secure your hidden files.You can easily download it from Google play store, it’s also available on Apps store. After downloading, install and follow the below guidelines to start hiding your pictures, videos and text messages.

How To Use The Secret Calculator App?


Just as I said earlier, the app interface is very smooth and easy to access. The outlook is exactly like your iPhone default calculator app, which you can also use to do your normal calculations. Now, to set up the password and import your files kindly follow these steps;

  • Open NS Vault Calculator App.
  • Enter your password, you can decide to use fingerprint as password.
  • Re-enter the password again and you will be taken to your dashboard.
  • Workaround the app dashboard, navigate Drag And Drop.
  • Use it to import all the files you would like to hide.
  • Also import your text messaging App.
  • You can also import call Log, hide certain phone number and more.

How To Recover Photos From Calculator app iPhone


After importing the photos, videos and other files you would like to keep confidential into the secret calculator app. It will automatically disappear from your phone gallery, however you can decide to recover it back to your gallery with these guide

  • First of all, click on your iPhone Menu button.
  • Now click Manage Photos or Manage Videos.
  • Navigate the Photo(s) or Video(s) that would like to restore to your gallery, and click on it’ to.
  • After that, Select OK to convert the media to your device.

How To Unlock Calculator App


It’s very easy, anytime you want to unlock the secret calculator app, just use that same password you generated when you  wanted to access the app for the first time.

For instance, if you want to view your hidden photos, videos, text messages and more. Enter your password PIN and click equal sign ( = ), it will unlock instantly” unless you encounter wrong password.

How To Spot Fake Calculator App?


Unfortunately, you can’t easily spot a fake calculator vault app” they all look alike to an extent that’ you can’t differentiate the original and fake calculator app. But to stay on a safer side, make sure you download the app directly from Google play store or apps store.

You can spot fake calculator app from apk mod, all apps in play store and apps store are being examined before approval. So, for you not to download fake secret calculator app, kindly use the above link to download.


I will be dropping my pen here, I hope you have downloaded the best secret calculator app for iPhone? Feel free to give us feedback after installing the app, and do not hesitate to contact the developer if you encounter any challenges.

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