Best Way To Connect Fake AirPods To Android

Can I connect or pair fake airpods to android phone? Yes is the answer. In today’s guide, I will teach you the best way to connect fake airpods to android.  In as much as the airpod is fake, it doesn’t stop it from working perfectly on android phone.

To everyone out there searching for how to connect fake airpods to android/ Samsung Galaxy” kindly follow this tutorial to get the complete guide. 

I always tell my readers that’ when it comes to technology, nothing is impossible. We all know that the original Apple Airpods doesn’t work on android phones. Hence, fake airpods have emerged’ obviously for android users.

Only iPhone and iPad users can use the original Apple Airpods. So, all android users who would like to feel belong are to buy this fake airpod and connect it, just like iPhone users.

Those who can’t afford to buy iPhone or iPad, so as to start using the original Apple airpod, can now buy the fake airpod and enjoy the best wireless earbud’ like iPhone users.

As it stands now, you don’t need iPhone to use airpod anymore, just purchase the fake airpod and follow this guide to connect it. You can as well personalize your fake airpod following this related post;

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Without wasting much of your time, I will proceed to sharing this tutorial, but before that” let me quickly answer this question that will be helpful for you.

Can I Use Fake AirPods On Android?


A lot of people are desperately asking “if it’s possible to use fake airpods on android phone? Well the answer is yes, fake airpods and airpod pro works perfectly on android.

But you can’t possibly connect the original apple airpods on android. If you’re using android phone, make sure you buy the fake airpod to enjoy this wireless earbud. Now, let me proceed to sharing information on how to easily connect and start using it.

How To Connect Fake AirPods To Android


For you to connect airpods to your android phone is very easy, and you can achieve this with the help of Bluetooth. All you have to do right now is to follow the steps below to connect it within few minutes;

  • First of all, you have to place the two AirPods back on the charging case.
  • After that, initiate the lid and look into the light status.
  • Click and hold the button at the back of the airpod case for some time.
  • It won’t take longer than three seconds to enter pairing mode.
  • When it enter pairing mode, go to your phone settings and locate Bluetooth.
  • Walk-around to see the fake airpod, now click on it to connect.

That’s the best way to connect fake airpods to android. This method works perfectly in all android phones, while iPhone users can do this effortlessly with the original Apple Airpod. The amazing thing here’ is that, this fake airpod looks exactly like the original Apple Airpod, it also have cool features.

Despite being tag fake” this fake airpod for android have awesome features, just like the original Apple Airpod. However, it also have premium version, you can choose to upgrade and receive notifications on certain things.



Rounding off the content here, I hope you have learnt how to easily connect fake airpods to android? We expect you to take action right away and use the comment box below to give us feedback.

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