Best Way To Fix “Face ID After Water Damage

Those searching for how to fix face ID after water damage, should search no further. With step by step guide, I will show you the best steps to make whenever your cell phone face ID stop working as a result of water damage.

If your phone mistakingly fall inside water and the face ID stop working, it’s not an end to it. You can fix and everything will start working normal again, but not as fast as fixing it within few minutes. You will take your time and go through this article” so as to learn how to fix your phone face ID.

Can You Fix Face ID After Water Damage?


This is quite a very difficult issue, but the answer remains “yes” you can fix your damaged face ID. If the condition of the damaged phone isn’t critical, then’ you can resolve it by yourself.

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Face ID is a top-notch phone security that unlock your cell phone with your face. So, whenever the TrueDepth camera or phone screen have issue’ it will stop working automatically.

Why Face ID Not Working After Water Damage On iPhone?


Face ID security is a component in iPhone, it is designed in such a way that’ if came in contact with water” there’s every tendency that’ it will encounter issue. As an an iPhone user, you have to prevent it from water damage.

And the annoying part of it is that, if iPhone gets damaged due to water” you will bear the burden alone. Because, Apple iPhone water damage is not covered under the one year warranty program giving to you.

How To Fix Face ID After Water Damage


I will be sharing the steps to follow and fix this issue, basically for technology gurus. You have to calm down and follow the instructions properly;

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If there’s a green line that appears after the damage, you will have to follow the first step to resolve it’ before going to the main point.

  • You need some iPhone repair tools to fix iPhone face ID after water damage. Below are the required tools.
  • Best Way To Fix "Face ID After Water Damage
  • When you get them ready, turn off your phone and take it down.
  • Disconnect the display
  • Check the liquid contact indicator, (it looks red in color, but supposed to be white if it didn’t get into water)
  • Disconnect the power, and take down the display.
  • After that, disconnect the ear speaker cable, and connect it to a new display
  • Install the display and test it.

Done, that’s how to fix the green line that appears after face ID after water damage on iPhone. Let’s quickly go ahead in providing fix for the main Face ID;

Best Way To Fix “Face ID After Water Damage


  • Turn Off Your iPhone and and take down the display.
  • Dismantle the dots cable.
  • Use 12C dots tool to text it
  • The dots text will say “fused.
  • Read data
  • Take out new cable, and complete the data writing
  • Cut off the bracket
  • Separate the dots ic and the prisim with sculpture knife.
  • Wrap the front and the infrared camera with tin foil to protect the camera 200°c, wind 80
  • Hold it with PCB holder, separate the dots cable and the dots ic.
  • Take down the ic
  • Apply some tin to the new cable, and put the ic into the holder.
  • Then use a small nozzle, 400°c wind 20
  • Apply some paste flux to the solder wicks, don’t let the paste flux touch the magnetic circle. Or it might block the laser, and that will make the repair more difficult.
  • Connect the two pins on the ic, BGA the dots ic and apply some tins to the new dots cable ic.
  • Weld the ic to the new cable 400°c wind 20.
  • NOTE – no paste flux and rosin around the laser.
  • Get a prism tray, take out the tool for dots alignment.
  • If the dots ic and the prism is not Their correct position, it would remind you’ there’s something wrong with your face position.
  • Dots alignment tool can solve this perfectly, hence’ after finishing the alignment, apply some glue on it.
  • Wait for five seconds, and connect it to the display.
  • Now test it, Face ID input successful.

A little bit stressful right? Well, the above method of fixing face ID after water damage is for those who have knowledge in phone repair.

Alternatively, you can Go to Settings > General > Software Update, then click download and Install to update your iPhone iOS version. It may fix the Face ID not working issue, or Schedule an appointment at a Genius Bar or the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider.



I will be wrapping up the content here, there’s no doubt’ that you have seen the best way to fix “face ID after water damage. Feel free to use the comment box below to ask further questions and also check our related articles for more iPhone guide.

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