Can Someone See You Through Your Phone Camera? Find Out

If you’re among those asking “can someone see you through your phone camera? I want you to know that’ the answer is Yes, someone can actually see or spy on you through your cell phone camera. But don’t go yet, I will explain how and what you can do to block the person immediately.

A lot of people are still debating the possibility of someone spying on them through phone camera, but I’m here right now telling you that it’s hundred percent possible.

You might be worried on how the where able to achieve that’ probably without tapping your phone. Well, there are hundreds of powerful malwares that claim do this effortlessly.

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So, you don’t have to doubt over it, when it comes to technology” almost nothing is impossible anymore. But the good news remains that’ you can actually block or stop the person from seeing you through your phone camera.

How To Know If Someone Is Watching You Through Your iPhone Camera?


After being clarified that someone can actually see you through your phone camera. Now, I will go ahead and tell you the signs that shows that’ someone is actually spying on you through your phone camera.

So that you will know when your cell phone is being monitored by intruders, and also learn how to block them. I expect you to carefully read the below paragraphs;

  • High Rate Of Cellular Data Consumption; one of the signs that proves that’ someone is currently spying or seeing you through your phone camera is high rate of data usage. The level of data consumption will be too high, probably because of the malware the person is using to spy on you via your cell phone.
  • The Phone Battery Run Down So Easily; you will notice that your phone battery drain faster than before. Though if you aren’t aware of it, you might think that your cell phone battery is spoiled.
  •  Device Malfunction: your cell phone will start misbehaving’ showing you pop up links to click on and opening web browser whenever you unlock your phone.

Although, there are other signs that shows that’ someone is spying on you. But the above are the major ones we can point out right now.

However, the most important thing right now is knowing how to block the person and prevent your mobile device from being tracked or Monitored by anyone.

How To Block Someone From Seeing You Through Your Phone Camera


Here comes the solution to it, remember what I said earlier” in as much as there’s a spyware someone can use to see you through your phone camera.

There’s also an app to install and block the person from spying on you through your mobile device. Hence, I will be sharing the steps to take whenever you notice any sign of phone monitoring.

Download Anti-Spyware App


I always tell my readers that’ there are so many powerful Anti-Spyware apps to install from Google play store or apple store for free.

They are very powerful and capable of protection your cell phone from Intruders. All you have to do right now is to head to any app store and download anyone with good reviews and suitable for your phone.

After downloading, make sure you read the set up process from the developer and follow instructions properly. Definitely, it will block any form of spyware from penetrating in your phone.

Alternatively, you can as well factory reset your cell phone and erase any code the person might have inject in your device without your consent.



To everyone out there asking “can someone see you through your phone camera? I hope you have been clearified, not only that” you have also learned how to permanently block someone from seeing you through your phone camera.

Well, your feedback is highly welcome, go ahead and use the comment box below to tell us the result after applying the above method and also walk-around to web to navigate more helpful contents.

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