Can You Use A Stolen Apple Watch? Yes, Read This First

Yes, you can use a stolen Apple Watch” but it can only be with the aim of telling time. If your intention of asking “if you can use a stolen Apple Watch is to start using it to perform other activities other than telling time, then’ the answer is No” you can’t use a stolen Apple Watch.

Whenever someone purchase Apple Watch, the first thing is to personalize it by signing up for an Apple ID, then’ set up an unpredictable passcode. Hence, this makes it impossible for anyone who doesn’t have the Apple ID and its password to access it, or do otherwise with it except telling the time.

As we always advice our readers, if you found Apple Watch, the first thing to do” is to return it to the rightful owner.  You might be cought up by the police, if you don’t return it, the owner can even track you, and it will be a huge disgrace.

How Can I Reset Stolen Apple Watch Without Apple ID?


If you have found an apple watch that doesn’t belong to you. Then’ using it isn’t impossible, you can still factory reset it and start using it.

Can You Use A Stolen Apple Watch

However, in some apple watch series’ you may not be able to achieve this. But before you think of giving up? Try this factory resetting method that I’m about to share right now;

  • First of all, you have to put the apple watch on its charger and follow up this guide.
  • Long press the side button until Power Off appear.
  • Then again, long press the “Digital Crown” for some time, ( Erase all content and settings), should appear.
  • Go ahead and click “Reset, after that’ tap on “Reset again to confirm the whole process.
  • While it begins, wait for some time to finish erasing and proceed to setting up your apple watch.
  • If you backed up your data before the factory resetting your apple watch, kindly tap on restore” and have all your files back.

We have a related article that explained more on how to reset apple watch without apple ID or password, that’s if you’re not satisfied with the above guide. You can refer to it, by tapping here.




Hopefully you have gotten an answer to your question? In summary, you’re advised to return any apple watch that doesn’t belong to you.

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