DirecTV Remote Won’t Change Channels – See How To Fix It

If the DirecTV remote won’t change channels, it doesn’t mean’ that it’s spoiled completely. You can still fix it and everything will start working fine again, probably the channel you’re trying to play is currently unavailable or something went wrong with the remote.

This can be so devastating, in as much as there’s an alternative” yet using DirecTV remote remains the best. So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about” I will be sharing different methods to resolve the issue of DirecTV remote won’t change channels but volume works. Right now, I will be pointing out every single information that will help you fix this error permanently within few minutes.

Why Won’t My DirecTV Remote Change The Channel?


There are things that may lead to directv unable to change to another channel, probably from your end.

  • Chosing a channel you didn’t subscribe for.
  • Your directv batteries are dead or shifted from its normal position
  • Selecting locked out channels
  • Having obstacles between your TV and directv remote.

What Do You Do When Your Remote Won’t Change Channels?


First of all, you have to figure out what resulted to that error, before proceeding to seek for solution to it. Yes, you heard me right! There are certain things that will make your DirecTV remote not to change channels, you can find them above. So, whenever you encounter this such error” check out the following;

  • Check if the DirecTV batteries has been shifted. Probably your kids that always touch the TV remote and if eventually it fall off from their hand, and the battery shift from it’s normal position” you may not be able to change channels with it.
  • What to do? Open it and install the batteries correctly, if it’s dusty” clean it up before installing.
  • Find out if there’s obstacles between the remote and your TV. You can’t possibly change your TV channels with DirecTV remote if there’s any obstacle between both.
  • Go closer to your TV, yes! That’s another thing to do when your remote won’t change channels. Go closer and try changing the channel, probably it will resolve it.

The above guidelines is the primary method to fix my directv remote won’t change channels. Hence, if after trying them out, it didn’t work” just relax and carefully read other methods to resolve this issue by yourself within three minutes.

Directv Remote Won't Change Channels - See How To Fix It

However, you can also learn how to change your directv channel without remote. That’s if eventually you weren’t able to resolve it following all the methods pointed out here “which is impossible though.

Directv Remote Won’t Change Channels – See How To Fix It


In this paragraph, I will teach you guys how to fix directv remote not changing channels. So, you have to carefully read and follow instructions properly;

  • You have to change the channel using up/down channel buttons on the receiver. If you can be able to change the receiver, then’ change the directv remote batteries.
  • But if you were not able to change your directv channels from the receiver, kindly turn it off and unplug it. Wait for some seconds, then plug the receiver back and quickly turn it on. Now, change the channels from the receiver itself.
  • For you to turn on the channel, enter the channel number on your directv remote keypad. If this action, takes you to the correct channel” go ahead and adjust your favorite list.
  • Next step is to press the “Guide” button on the remote. After that, press “Fav“or “List” button several times. Now, watch for an indication at the top of the guide that are moving from “all channels” to a particular favourite list.
  • If eventually you’re locked on one channel only, your Channel Lock feature is likely active. Consult your system manual to unlock the rest of your channels.
  • Then, enter your password, if necessary.
  • Check your system manual for information on managing favorite channel lists and locking out channels.

Remember what I said earlier, directv remote like Genie, uses light to impart the signal to the receiver. Hence, you have to ensure that’ there’s no obstacles between the remote and TV.

How To Change DirecTV Channel Without Remote


If you’re directv remote spoiled beyond repair or fix, then, you will have to order for a replacement. While waiting for the arrival, you may want to watch your favorite TV shows, and it will require changing the channel without remote.

Well, it’s not easy to achieve” unless you have installed a TV remote application in your phone and program it earlier before now. But if no, you have to patiently wait for the arrival.

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Hopefully you have learnt how to fix directv remote won’t change channels, go ahead and use the comment box below to give us feedback after trying the above methods. Also feel free to ask questions and check out our related articles.

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