[ Fixed ] Phone Not Showing Contact Name On Incoming Calls

With step by step guide, I will teach you how to fix “phone not showing contact name on incoming calls. If your iPhone, android or Samsung doesn’t display saved contact names on incoming calls’ this article will be very helpful to you. We have shared proven method to easily resolve this error permanently.

On several occasions, our readers complain of certain saved contacts not displaying names on incoming calls. And I can get say that’ this is not normal, I mean’ it shouldn’t be that way. And if you don’t recognize the callers voice it can be so embarrassing.

Well, fixing this issue isn’t impossible anyways. Hence, I will first of all’ point out some of the reasons contact names aren’t showing on incoming calls.

Why Are My Contact Names Not Showing On Incoming Calls iPhone?


There are some reasons your contact names isn’t displaying on incoming calls, and I will be pointing it out here.

Phone contacts not synced on your device;


You have to ensure that the particular contact/contacts that doesn’t show names on incoming calls are synced in your iPhone. Sometimes this may occur as a result of iPhone contacts not being synced.

Disabled Permission For Phone/Dialer app


You have to check if  your phone permission for iPhones and dialer app is turned on/enabled. Your phone not be showing contact name on incoming calls as a result of permission for dialer app being disabled. Follow the below steps to turn it on right away;

  • Open your iPhone Settings App.
  • Tap on  Apps and notifications.
  • Choose all apps “App manager or Manage apps on some Android skins”.
  • After that, open your Phone or Dialer.
  • Click on Permissions.
  • Ensure that’s the app has permission to access all your phone contacts.

Duplicate Contacts


Check if the phone contact that doesn’t show contact name on incoming calls is saved twice. In a situation where you save a contact twice, one with name and another’ without name.

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You may likely to be receiving call with the one that’s saved without name. But if the issue is applicable to all contacts, that means’ it’s not the problem. Kindly follow the below steps to get it fixed permanently.

How To Fix Phone Not Showing Contact Name On Incoming Calls


With the above method, you can easily resolve or fix iPhone incoming calls not showing contacts. Hence, we will be sharing information on how to resolve this same on any android and Samsung Galaxy phone.

Contact Names Not Showing Up On Incoming Calls Samsung


All Samsung users who are facing this issue should follow the below guidelines to fix it permanently.

  1. From the home screen, swipe either up or down to access apps.
  2. Select Phone.
  3. Select Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select Other call settings.
  6. Push slider to activate Show caller information.
Contact Name Not Showing On Incoming Calls Android 


If you’re using android phone, then’ go ahead and use the below method to resolve this issue immediately.

  • Go to your Android Settings App
  • Select Apps & Notifications ( if you don’t see it, scroll down and navigate “App Management )
  • Tap App Permission
  • Select Contacts
  • [ Fixed ] Phone Not Showing Contact Name On Incoming Calls
  • Check if it’s No/Off, toggle right to enable it. ( It will appear green to show on )

More iPhone Guide


If you’re unable to resolve the issue on your iPhone following the above issues that may resulted to it, then’ apply any of these methods;

Turn Contacts On/Off On iCloud


Some iOS issues are fixed from iCloud end. Hence, you are advised to login to your iCloud account and turn on/off your contacts, to see it everything will resolve.

Reboot Your iPhone


When was the last time you reboot your iPhone? Been awhile right? Try rebooting it right away to see if the contacts will fall to it’s normal position.



I will be dropping my pen here, and I believe you have resolved the issue with this help of this tutorial. I’m glad you have learnt how to fix “phone not showing contact name on incoming calls permanently. Feel free to walk-around the web to navigate other relevant articles relating to phone fix.

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