Hashtagimages: What Is Hashtag Images On iPhone? Find Out

So many iOS users are yet to figure out what hashtag images on iPhone means. Hence, I will explain the meaning and functions of hashtagImages on iPhone, under cellular data consuming too much data.

The hashtagimages on iPhone are use on iMessage to insert different kinds of GIF images from the database. For you to insert images on iMessage using hashtagimages, simply type #images*: numerous trending GIF images will show up. Then, choose the one you would like to add to your message.

It has been confirmed that, hashtagimages is now in the list of iOS features, as you can find it under cellular data in settings App.

While a lot of Apple iPhone users celebrate this amazing trend, some are seriously complaining of hashtagimages high data consumption. Hence, it is becoming worrisome to them.

But it’s something you can stop anyways. To turn off your hashtagimages and stop the excessive data consumption, kindly go to your Settings App => Cellular data, and turn ON for WIFI network only. After that, hashtagimages can now update only when you’re connected to a WiFi.




I will be wrapping up the content and I believe you have gotten an answer to your question “what is hashtag images on iPhone? And also learn how to remove it from cellular data consumption? Ohh, yes, I’m glad you find this blog post helpful. Feel free to walk-around this web and explore more related articles.

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