How Do I Move The Clock On My Lock Screen iPhone? Find Out

If you fall in the category of people asking ‘how do i move the clock on my lock screen iPhone? Then, relax and read this blog post till the end, I have explained everything you need to know about adjusting your iPhone clock display on lock screen.

Probably, the clock is blocking your home screen photo” and you want to move it to another angle. Well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about” though, it’s quite impossible, but there’s an alternative to it.

Unlike android phone that you can easily move the clock on lock screen, to any destination of your choice. It doesn’t work like that on iPhone, you probably should follow a trick to achieve this.

Is There A Way To Move The Clock On My Lock Screen?


Unfortunately you can’t move the clock on your lock screen on iPhone or iPad. It can only be possible, if you’re using android phone.

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As it stands now, this isn’t something that is customizable on iOS devices. But the good news is that, we have figured out the best way to achieve the same result. Yes, you heard me right’ your iPhone clock can still move to a different angle and that’s exactly what I’m about to share right now.

How Do I Move The Clock On My Lock Screen iPhone


Just as I said earlier, you can’t possibly move your iPhone clock on your iPhone lock screen. We are looking forward to seeing it in iOS next update, but it’s currently not available.

However, you can change the position or display of clock on your iPhone lock screen by changing your current wallpaper. Yes, if you change the current wallpaper, the clock will automatically move to another position. Kindly follow this guide to change it right now;

  • Tap on your iPhone “Settings App
  • Scroll down and click “Wallpapers“.
  • Select “New Wallpaper“.
  • Choose where you would like the wallpaper to display and tap Set.
  • Return to home screen and see the reflection of a new clock position on iPhone lock screen.

That’s all, the clock display will change automatically. But if after changing it, and it doesn’t look good as you wish” you still have the right change to as many as you want. All of them have different look, you can as well download iPhone wallpapers online.



Hopefully, I have answered your question “how do i move the clock on my lock screen iPhone?. Remember what I said, it’s not possible to move the clock on your lock screen, rather you can change the current position or display by changing your wallpaper following the above guide.

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