How To Automatically Forward Text Messages On iPhone

If you’re searching for how to automatically forward text messages on iPhone, then’ search no further. I will show you easy steps to set up auto text forwarding on iPhone. Not only that, I will also provide you with iPhone app to forward text messages to another phone. So, you will definitely find this article very helpful.

Probably you want to ease the stress of typing bulk SMS or you want to send the same message to different contacts. Well, this isn’t something to worry about, you will learn how to auto forward messages on iPhone right now.

Forwarding text messages automatically on iPhone requires a moment set up, unlike android phone that’s enabled by default. You will have to enable iPhone automatically forward text messages or you use a third party app, which I pointed out here too.

iPhone Automatically Forward Text Messages To Another Phone Settings


Just as I said earlier, for you to auto forward text messages from your apple iPhone to another phone, you will have to enable the feature. Hence, I will be sharing the step by step guide to set it up;

  • Tap on your iPhone Settings App
  • Click “Messages
  • Then’ go to “Send & Receive” select the device you would like to forward the message to.
  • Go ahead and tap on iMessage and ensure that you’re signed in with the same Apple ID on all your device.

If you’re Forwarding the text messages to iPhone users, then’ turn on your cellular data, or Wi-Fi before proceeding to forward the text. However, those who aren’t using iPhone will require credit card for the text to go through. 

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Exclude from from setting up your iPhone text message forwarding fromSettings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding. You can as well tap and hold the written test you want to forward automatically, then “Tap More, also click on the Send button and the message will be sent to all the contacts you selected at first. 

iPhone Apps To Forward Text Messages To Another Phone.


Alternatively, there’s a third party apps that can help you auto forward text message without setting up anything. And the amazing thing here’s that it’s completely for free to install and start forwarding text messages to multiple accounts automatically.

SMS Forwarder


All you need right now is “SMS forwarder Application”, to automatically forward your text messages to any specified phone number.

If you want to use a third party app to instantly forward text messages, then’ go ahead and Install SMS Forwarder. It doesn’t just forward your text, it also provides you with a feature that enables you to choose the time, day or week the message should be forwarded to the selected emails or phone numbers.

Though the SMS forwarder App is currently not available on apple Store, only those who jailbreak their iPhone can be able to install this app on iOS.



This is another ranking auto forward text messages application that you can easily Install in your android phone or iOS and enjoy automatic text forwarding to any specified email, phone number etc.

Mightytext app have a lot of amazing features that makes it one of the best and most Installed auto text forwarder.

For instance, you can easily receive notifications from other apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. With Mightytext app, you can reply the forwarded text messages” even with your computer.

Not only that, this app will also synchronize your smartphone’s multimedia files with your computer, then’ create a backup for text messages and calls, and enable you to make calls on  your desktop or tablet.



I will be wrapping up the content here, and I’m certain you have learnt how to automatically forward text messages on iPhone? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback after trying the above methods.

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