How To Change Clock Position On iPhone Lock Screen

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In our today’s blog post, I will be show you guys how to change clock position on iPhone lock screen. If you want to change the position of clock/time on your iPhone lock screen, this article will be very helpful to you. Reset the display of clock on your iOS lock screen with this guide.

Most iPhone and iPad users are finding it very difficult to reset certain iOS features, and there’s no doubt’ you’re among them. Well, it can be a little bit complicated as each iPhone version has its own features.

For you to change clock display on iPhone or iPad lock screen is very easy and shouldn’t take you more that two minute. If you don’t like the current position of clock on your iPhone screen lock, you can change it to any position of your choice.

Clock on iPhone lock screen is an in-built feature that comes with any iPhone, iPad, android and other phone brands. It provides you with amazing features like Date, Time, Siri, Camera, Torchlight etc. Excluding from that’ clock on iPhone lock screen helps to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas on your phone.

How Do I Move The Clock On My Lock Screen iPhone? – Can I ?

I will first of all answer this question before I proceed to teaching you guy what brought you here.

Unfortunately, you cannot move the clock on your lock screen iPhone, rather you can do this on Samsung or android phone. It’s not possible to move iPhone clock on your lock screen.

We are looking forward to seeing this feature enabled in the next iOS update. As it stands now, you can’t possibly move the clock on your iPhone lock screen.

How To Change Clock Position On iPhone Lock Screen

Just as I said earlier, changing the clock on iPhone lock screen isn’t impossible” as a matter of fact, you can easily change it within few minutes. All you have to do right now is to follow these guidelines to change it right now;

  • Tap on your iPhone “Settings App
  • Scroll down and click “Wallpapers“.
  • Select “New Wallpaper“.
  • Choose where you would like the wallpaper to display and tap Set.
  • Return to home screen and see the reflection of a new clock position on iPhone lock screen.
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How To Change Lock Screen Font On iPhone

The font on your iPhone lock makes it more unique and enhance its beauty. However, it’s not impossible to adjust or change it to any font of your choice. To get started, kindly follow these steps;

  • Open your iPhone Settings App
  • Navigate and tap on “Accessibility
  • Chose Display / Text Size.
  • Click on “Larger Text” to make the font size bigger.
  • If you drag the slider to your right, it will increase the font size “making it larger.

How To Make Time On Lock Screen Black On iPhone

A lot of people are so anxious to know how to make lock screen numbers black. Well, this is similar to changing or making clock on your iPhone screen black or white color.

If you want to make your iPhone time on lock screen black in color, it’s very easy” you can do it within few seconds.

You just have to change your iPhone current wallpaper to a light colorful wallpaper to change both the font size and most of all, make the time on lock screen black.

How Do I Change The Color Of The Clock On My Lock Screen?

The answer to your question “can i change the color of the clock on my lock screen? Is ” Yes. You can customize or change your iPhone clock on the lock screen by changing to a new wallpaper.

If you want to change the color, kindly Open your Settings App => tap on Wallpaper => choose a different wallpaper and tap Set. Return to your phone home screen, and see a new color.

Can You Move The Clock Display On The IPhone?

The answer is No, you can’t move the clock display or position on your iPhone screen.

Just as I said earlier, this can only be possible on android or Samsung phone. Moving the clock display on the iPhone is a no.


Undoubtedly you have learnt how to change clock position on iPhone lock screen. What next? Feel free to ask further questions using the comment box below. Also don’t forget to give us feedback after trying to above guidelines.

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