How To Change Number Of Best Friends Snapchat ( Fast Method )

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A lot of Snapchat users are desperately looking for how to change number of best friends Snapchat. Well, changing the number of best friends on Snapchat isn’t something impossible. Hence, this article will properly guilde you on how to easily change it

Your Snapchat best friends are those who text you or you text frequently. By default, Snapchat will automatically make them your best friends. However, it appears to be three, but you can actually increase it from three to any number you wish to have as best friends.

We all know that Snapchat is one of the best and widely use social media App with outstanding features. Hence, they feature to choose the number of best friends is enabled. Though new users are finding it very difficult to change number of best friends on Snapchat. But that’s not an issue anymore, this post will guide you properly on how to change it.

In as much as Snapchat made them your best friends by default, you can choose to change your circle of friends on Snapchat. But since there’s a feature that enables you to easily do that” then, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Read along to see where you navigate and change it.

How To Change How Many Best Friends On Snapchat

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You must be anxious to learn how to easily change the number of best friends Snapchat. Well, you have to calm down and read the steps below;

  • Open your Snapchat App
  • Go to Settings Menu
  • Scroll down and navigate the Additional Services section.
  • Click Manage > #of Best Friends
  • Now, type in the number of best friends you would like to have on Snapchat.

Change number Of Best Friends Snapchat

When you apply the above method, the number of best friends will appear based on what you typed. But it will start counting based on friends you chat with often.

The best friend to have on Snapchat #1 is likely to be that person you send snap often. That’s by the way, I will be wrapping up the content here’ you can check our more Snapchat guilde via our related posts below.

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