How To Check Recent Activity On iPhone 7/ 8/XR/ 11 & Others

You probably must have gotten your spouse or kids cell phone, and very anxious to know what he/she has been up to over the phone. Huh, sounds cool to check up on what’s going on, more especially when there’s no hundred percent trust.

But you can’t possibly do this without being properly guided on how to check recent activity on iPhone or iPad. It might sound pretty easy to check, but it’s not as you may have thought.

Anyways, that’s why I bought it up in this blog post” to share easy tips on how to see recent activity on iPhone 7/11/ XR/8/12 etc. However, iPad isn’t excluded, you will also learn how to check iPad recent activity too.

When you think of checking recent activity on iPhone, the first place your mind points at, is on social media apps likes” Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, and then media files.

Well, that’s not enough’ have you thought of recent browse activity via safari? Yes, you also need to check websites they access and more.

How To Check Recent Activity On iPhone 7/ 8/XR/ 11 Etc 

Basically, there are three easy ways to fast check the recent activity on your iPhone/ipad. However, none of them requires monetary charges. You just have to follow the right procedure as stated here, then’ you’re good to go.

Obviously all the activities running on your iPhone are under applications. Hence, it made it easier for you to find recent activity on any iPhone, you just have to navigate the right feature, which is what we pointed out here.

If the iPhone you want to check the recent activity belongs to you, and you want to wipe off all the recent activity” just relax, I will also show you to erase them after seeing your recent activity.

Check Recent Activity On iPhone  With Gmail App.

Probably someone accessed your cell phone and afterwards, it feels like something unusual went on. Or you want to check your kids activities over the phone. Definitely this method will be the best way to find out and take action immediately.

You can actually check the recent activity with Gmail App. Yes, you heard me right” and it works perfectly for me and other of my colleagues who have applied it. So, go ahead and follow the below steps to check any iPhone recent activity;

Find iPhone Recent Activity:
  1. Open your iPhone or iPad, and tap on the Gmail App .
  2. Look at the top, click Data & privacy.
  3. Below “History settings,” select My Activity.
  4. You will see your recent activity:
  • Go ahead and browse through your recent activity, organized by day and time.
  • Look at the top to navigate the search bar, and use the filters to find specific activity carried out.
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How To Check Recent Activity On iPhone With Screen Time

Nobody will ever tell you what they’re doing with their cell phones. Not even your kids, but since there’s an iOS feature that enables you to see recent activity, then’ let’s fire on with another way to achieve this.

Hey! Do not Install any Spyware or malware to check recent activity on iPhone. It’s highly prohibited, and we don’t encourage such illegal act. You can check this manually with iOS Screen Time feature, this is what to do;

  • From your iPhone, iPad or itouch, Open Settings App.
  • Scroll down until you “Screen Time“. (beside a purple hourglass icon in square shape)
  • Tap on the “Screen Time” and you will be taking to another page.
  • When you arrive on the main screen time page, select “See All Activity“.
  • Then’ go ahead and click “See All Activity” to find the recent apps and its usage.
  • You can scroll down and tap on ” Show More” to get the complete result.

Boom, you now have the recent activity on your iPhone, at your finger tip. You have to perform this action anytime you want to check any iPhone most recent activity.

Is that all? The answer is No, we still have one more helpful method to see all the recent activity in any iOS phone. Let’s quickly fire on the required process.

You Can Check Recent Activity On iPhone Safari Browser 

Have you thought of this too? This is more like chrome. Almost ninety five percent of iPhone users are using Safari to browse the internet. Hence, it’s advisable to check your kids recent activity on iPhone browse history.

This might not be hundred percent assured, but you’re likely to find it very helpful. Some video streaming sites aren’t meant for kids, hence’ you have to be vigilant and check sites they browse often.

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Excluding from being relevant to check kids activities over the internet, you can as well use this to check sites someone accessed when they tapped your cell phone. To get started, kindly follow the below steps;

  • Open Safari Browser from the iPhone or iPad you want to check its recent activity.
  • Go to bookmarks and tap on it.
  • When the bookmarks page open, click on the “History Icon“.
  • Here, you will see all the recent websites the person browse recently.
  • And that’s all.
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Remember what I said earlier, this method of checking on iPhone recent activity via safari browser history isn’t 100% guaranteed.

If the user set up the browser as private” the recent activity will never show or probably clear the cache after browsing the internet. But you should try it out too, if it’s a kid, probably he or she may not know how to enable iOS private browser feature.


Undoubtedly you have learnt how to check recent activity on iPhone or iPad. I’m glad, I was able to pass this helpful information to you. Do ensure you take action after going through content and don’t forget to use the comment box below to send us feedback. Thanks you!

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