How To Connect A Replacement AirPod, AirPod Pro, AirPod Max, Or Charging Case

Would you like to learn how to connect a replacement airpod, airpod pro, airpod max or charging case? If the answer is yes, then’ go ahead and read this blog post till the end. We have provided you guys with step by step guide to easily set up a replacement airpod.

If eventually your airpods got damaged, or stolen’ you can actually find it” if you’re connected to find my iPhone. And your find my iPhone is turned on when you lost it, but if it’s off or not on find my iPhone” unfortunately you have lost it completely and have no other choice but to replace it following this guide.

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In the process of airpod replacement, you will have to get the serial number and  contact Apple support for airpods replacement. After that, go ahead and pair or connect it back’ then start enjoying the wireless earbud again.

Pair A Replacement AirPod Pro – Info


You might be interested to know more about what airpod replacement is all about, before proceeding to share information on how to pair airpod pro, airpod max or charging case.

Apple users are allowed to have a replacement of lost or stolen airpods. Even if you lost one airpod, you will be given a replacement of the airpod.

However, you’re to pay a warranty free ranging from $59 to $89. So, you aren’t getting the replacement for free, and you’re meant to provide your serial number when going for Apple airpod replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Replace My AirPods?


Apple airpod replacement charges for airpods pro is different from airpod max, charging case or airpod. And again, the charges also depends on “if the airpod is stolen or damaged. Take a good look at the price chat below;


AirPods Pro Lost fee
AirPods Pro $ 89 each
Wireless Charging Case for AirPods Pro $ 99
AirPods Lost fee
AirPods $ 69 each
Charging Case $ 59
Wireless Charging Case $ 79

Find the full price list of AirPods Service and Repair at Apple support, let’s quickly proceed to sharing information on how to sync a replacement airpod.


How To Connect A Replacement AirPod, AirPod Pro, AirPod Max, Or Charging Case


The replacement airpods are new, and working perfectly” all you have to do, is to follow the instructions below and pair it successfully;

  • Using your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch” open the Settings App.
  • Scroll down and find Bluetooth, go ahead and tap on information button and close to Airpod.
  • After that, double tap Forget This Device to confirm.
  • Now place the old and new airpods in the charging case and close it.
  • Wait for some seconds, then’ open the lid and check the status light ( it ought to flash amber).
  • Long press the setup button on the back of the case for some seconds, to show light flashes white.
  • Return to home screen using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • After that, Open the charging case => with your AirPods inside => and hold it next to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Wait for A setup animation to appear.
  • Click connect and tap done.

The above method is the best and fastest way to connect a replacement airpod, airpod pro, airpod max or charging case and run it up again.

Replacement AirPod Pro not pairing – How To Fix It


if the above method didn’t work for you” ( which is not possible ) you can follow the below steps to see the result.

Update Your iOS/ Software Version


Check if your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is up to date. Outdated iOS / software version can sometimes cause unpleasant error, to get started follow these instructions;

  1. Turn on your device cellular data or WiFi
  2. Open your Settings App.
  3. Tap on General and click Software update to locate outdated softwares.
  4. If you find any, tap on Download and wait for some minutes to finish downloading.

That’s all, I hope you find this article helpful? Ohh yes, with the above methods you can easily connect or pair a replacement airpod. Feel free to walk-around the web to navigate other relevant articles on airpods.

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