How To Download Disney Plus On LG Smart TV

If you’re among those searching for how to download disney plus on LG smart tv, then’ search no further. This blog post will provide you with accurate information on how to easily download and set up disney plus on LG smart TV.

For you to get or download disney plus on LG smart TV isn’t something impossible or difficult. As a matter of fact, you can actually set it up within few minutes and it will start playing immediately.

In as much as kids like streaming Disney Plus via the television, adults aren’t excluded” more especially when you work from home and feel lonely all day. Watching your favorite channels becomes an alternative. A lot of heartwarming videos have been added on disney+, you can now see top  American star contents and lots more.

Using your mobile phone to see movies on disney plus via their website or App is a matter of choice. More especially now that anyone can easily set up and streaming via the television.

How Do I Download Disney Plus On My LG Smart TV?


You only need to turn on your LG smart TV cellular data and head to Google play store to download Disney Plus App that’s available for your TV model an set it up using the below guide.

It works perfectly, not only on LG smart TV, you can as well do this on Samsung TV, Toshiba, Sony Smart TV, Philips smart TV,  Panasonic Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, JVC smart TV, Sony Smart TV etc.

How To Download Disney Plus On LG Smart TV

However, this app (Disney Plus ) only work on smart TV, that’s new model” probably from 2016. It doesn’t work on old TV, you need to have this in mind, that’s by the way’ let me quickly proceed to sharing information on how to install and set it up.

NOTE – for you to download and set up Disney Plus app on your LG TV, you must  ensure that it’s not on old television.  Disney Plus is mostly available for Sony model 2016 and up.

How To Download Disney Plus On LG Smart TV


The first step to take, is to open Google play store or Sony and download the Disney+ App, you have to select whichever one that’s suitable or available for your TV, using your remote. After that, follow the below guidelines to set it up for your LG smart TV;

  1. Install the downloaded ‘Disney Plus App‘ on your LG smart TV home screen.
  2. Turn On your LG TV cellular data and connect to the internet.
  3. Then’ sign up with your email/ mobile number.
  4. If you already have a disney plus account, kindly login with your credentials and run it up.
  5. That’s all, it’s very easy.

You can also stream directly from disney plus website or sign up there, if you ever find the mobile app complicated or not working.

Can’t Find Disney Plus On LG Smart TV UK


Well, the reason you can’t find disney+ on your LG smart TV is simply because you haven’t installed the app on your TV yet.

Disney Plus doesn’t have this app by default, you have to install it from Google play store or Sony.

After the installation processes using the remote and internet connection enable, then’ go ahead and use the above guide to set it. It’s very easy, you just need login with your credentials or sign up if you don’t have existing account with disney.

How To Get Disney Plus On Older LG Smart TV – 2015


Unfortunately you can’t be able to download or get disney plus on older LG smart TV model. If you have been reading this tutorial paragraph by paragraph, you must have seen were I earlier said it.

You need the new LG smart TV model to access disney plus and enjoy your favorite channels without any interruption.




Wrapping up the content here, I hope you have seen how to download disney plus on LG smart tv? With the above method, you can easily get disney plus on any LG smart tv.

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