How To Fix “Gohenry App Not Working On Android & iOS

I will teach you guys how to fix Gohenry app not working, rather showing black screen on android. If you’re using Gohenry App and you can’t login at the moment, just calm down and follow the instructions below to get it resolved in short time.

Recently, a lot of Gohenry App users complained of not being able to login to their account using the mobile App. This is mostly for those using android phone, but that doesn’t mean it’s from their end. Yes, you heard me right” the inability to access your account.

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Whenever they want to login to their Gohenry App, it turn out to show black screen. Hence, they can’t be able to login to their account using the mobile App. Anyways, I can guarantee you that’ it’s been resolved’ as it’s just a technical issue from the app developer end.

Why Gohenry App Not Working Today, Showing Black Screen?


After a lot of people complained of not being able to access their Gohenry App with android, they app developer took to his Twitter handle to apologize for the inconveniences caused by them.

How To Fix "Gohenry App Not Working On Android & iOS

Which means, the inability to login to your Gohenry App isn’t from your end. They are currently fixing a bug and will definitely update it on Google play store as soon as they get it fixed.

Hence, you have to follow the below guidelines to login to your account’ while we patiently wait for them to fix the bug and get it app running again.

How To Fix “Gohenry App Not Working On Android & iOS


Basically, you can’t fix this Gohenry App not working issue from your end. Rather you will have to use the alternative, which is;

Visit Gohenry Website


If the mobile App isn’t working for you, kindly visit Enter your username and password, then’ go ahead and do whatever you want to do.

As we patiently wait for the bug to be fixed, try as much as you can to be vigilant. What do I mean? As soon as they update a new version on Google play store” make sure you update the new version to get the App running on your phone again.



Hopefully you have learnt how to fix Gohenry app not working? If you have further questions concerning your Gohenry account, feel free to use the comment box below or check our related articles. Alternatively, you can as well visit their website to see more helpful tips

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