How To Fix iPhone 7 No Audio Devices Found

In today’s techdut guide, I will teach you how to fix iPhone 7 no audio devices found – iPhone microphone not working. You aren’t the only one facing this issue, a lot of apple iPhone 7 users are seriously complaining of no audio device found. Hence, you will get information on how to fix it within 3 minutes.

So many iPhone 7 users have complained bitterly on having issue of speakers not working or no audio device found. This issue stared after upgrading their iPhone microphone to the latest version ( 12.0.1, 12.0.2 and 12.0.3 ) thereby keep them in a no audio devices found.

This could be tag as technical issue from Apple iOS end. Following this audio breakdown on iPhone 7 devices after the upgrade, you can’t be able to record voice call nor voice memo. Not only that, your caller may likely not to hear your voice from his or her end.

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I understand that’ this issue can be so devastating and need urgent solution to resolve it permanently. The pure truth is that’ Apple iPhone can be toxic sometimes, both understanding the features and how it functions.

How To Fix iPhone 7 No Audio Devices Found

However, you maybe facing this no audio devices found issue, simply because you are yet to learn the features that came along with this phone. That’s if you didn’t upgrade the microphone and still encounter this issue, which I think it’s not possible.

Why iPhone 7 Plus Saying No Audio Devices Found ?


The upgrade on iOS version is the major reasons for this no audio devices found. However, both  iPhone 7 and 7 plus microphone issue is also caused due to failure of a chip on the iPhone 7 logic board, this chip is called the Audio IC Chip. The fix is to get the Audio chip solder again and may cost around $50 or $100. The reason why your iPhone 7 audio chip could be damaged can be :

  1. Accidental damage to iPhone due to drop
  2. Overheating of iPhone 7 can cause chip to loosen up
  3. While making a repair of iPhone 7

How To Fix iPhone 7 No Audio Devices Found


In as much as we earlier stated that’ this iPhone 7 no device found, occured after iOS upgrade. It doesn’t mean that’ there’s no solution to it, let me guide you on what to do” kindly read carefully;

Use Bluetooth headphone


For you to be able to start recording voice, making phone calls while waiting for the issues to be fixed permanently from iOS end, you can use Bluetooth headset at the moment.

It won’t take long to fix it, unless it happen as a result of phone breakdown” hence, you will have to fix it without waiting for iOS next update.

Reset Your Network Settings


You can get this iPhone 7 no audio devices found issue fixed by resetting your network settings. This might work for awhile and and start again, but at that moment you make calls an record voice memo. For you to reset your iPhone 7 network kindly > Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Visit Apple Support Center


The best way to fix or resolve iPhone 7 no audio device found is to visit any nearby genuine Apple support center and run a check out for your phone. Sometimes it happens not as a result of iOS upgrade, rather your phone is faulty.

Wrapping up the content I hope you have seen the best way to resolve this iPhone 7 microphone not working? Feel free to give us feedback after trying applying the above methods.

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