How To Fix “Siri Not Working While Driving ( iOS 14/ 13.5 )

After the recent iOS upgrade, a lot of people started complaining of siri not working while driving. Hence, siri stoped following commands while driving your car. If you ask siri to open Apps, it will say can’t do this while driving. And this issue stared after iOS upgraded to 13.5/ iOS 14.

Well, that’s not something to worry much, I will properly guide you on how to fix this issue and start using siri feature while driving. Those who upgraded to iOS 14  or 13.5 will attest that siri now displays an automobile image in the background when triggered to asked to open apps like Spotify.

Even if you aren’t driving the car, as long as you’re in the car, siri can only use Apple maps to navigate’ but won’t open App. Hence, this has absolutely nothing to do with “do not disturb me on iPhone settings.

Why Is Siri Not Working While Driving?


In iOS 13.5 if you are connected to car using Carplay/ Bluetooth the Siri won’t work and will not open apps. This may be a safety feature but not all the persons sitting in the car are driving, Siri must have passenger setting to avoid this issue.

Hopefully it’s a bug and not a feature. But, even if it’s a feature, there should be at least a turn on/off manually. We are looking forward to seeing this bug from Apple fixed in upcoming releases.

How To Fix “Siri Not Working While Driving ( iOS 14/ 13.5 )


While waiting for the next iOS update to fix this Siri not working, there are some steps to follow and make use of your Siri while driving.

Downgrade To Version 13.4.1


The best method to resolve or fix siri not working while driving is by downgrading your iPhone version to the old one that works perfectly.

Probably upgrade to new version when iOS release another version that doesn’t hinder siri from performing it’s functions while driving.

Use Wired Connection


While waiting for iOS to correct this issue from their end in next upgrade. You can easily connect your iPhone to your car using a iPhone cable. Turn off Bluetooth from iPhone settings and use the wired connection into your car.

This method works perfectly, even without downgrading your phone version. You can try it out today and give us feedback.




In conclusion, I hope you have learnt how to fix siri not working while driving? Cool, you can still read the above articles again. If at all you encounter any challenges while trying to fix the issue, kindly use the comment box below to give us feedback. Also visit techjara often, for more technology guide.

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