How To Fix “TrueDepth Camera Not Working iPhone

In today’s guide, I will teach you how to fix “TrueDepth camera not working iPhone. If you can’t be able lock your iPhone with Face ID, as a result of TrueDepth camera not working or damaged. This content will properly guide you on how to fix it permanently.

Sincerely, iPhone can be toxic sometimes” you need to take your time and study the features. In most cases it can be sensitive” but in the issue of this TrueDepth camera not working, it might be as a result of dirty or blurry camera.

If the iPhone TrueDepth isn’t working, then’ you can’t possibly make use of the Face ID to lock and unlock your phone. Making sense right? Well, it’s something you can fix by yourself.

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Just as I said earlier, your iPhone face ID won’t work without TrueDepth camera functioning very well. Obviously the reason you may be complaining of Face ID not working iPhone” it’s because the TrueDepth camera is faulty.

How To Check TrueDepth Camera


Before proceeding to make use of your iPhone Face ID to lock up your cell phone, you have to check if the TrueDepth camera is working perfectly or not. Because, the camera helps to capture your real face” that means, nothing can work without TrueDepth camera. Now, let me quickly show you how to check it’ before we proceed to sharing information on how to fix the issue;

  • Check your TrueDepth Camera by taking a selfie in portrait.
  • Open your iPhone Camera App
  • Select Portrait mode and choose front camera.
  • Now, snap selfie

If the portrait selfie on your device isn’t working as expected, then’ something is wrong. And you can’t make use of Face ID with it, but don’t worry” you just have to follow the below steps to fix it.

How To Fix “TrueDepth Camera Not Working iPhone


If your iPhone TrueDepth camera isn’t working, after using the above method to find out. All you have to follow our guide to fix it, however’ if the issue is critical? You may not be able to do it yourself.

1. Check The Actual Glass That Is Covering The Front Camera And Clean It; you need to give it a wipe down and make sure nothing is covering it, obstructing it gets its way of causing the camera to struggle in trying to recognize your face.

Now what you will do is to get something like Windex or any type of solution on a cloth and just clean it. Make sure you don’t have any type of screen protector that are cracked or anything over it, because it will definitely cause an issue’ also any type of cases that will obstruct it from recognizing your face. You need to take it off and make sure everything is okay.

2. Turn Off Your iPhone: hold down the power button and the volume up button for a few seconds until you get that screen and swipe turn off.  This will shot down your phone, and now you will have to reboot it again.

Funny enough, when I do this in most TrueDepth camera now working, it fixes the issues instantly. I recommend you do it right away and see the result.

3. Back Up Your Phone And Restore It;  what I mean by backing up your phone is plugging it into iTunes for a laptop or desktop. Watch a complete guide video on how to do it;


Restoring it, is one of the best ways to fix a lot of problems on iPhone. It’s something that it’s a bit time consuming, as it takes about twenty to thirty minutes. In most occasions, you need to back up your data and then restore the software.

4. Contact Apple Support:  you can also contact Apple store’ they will help you do this within few minutes. All you need to do is to go through the apple support and book a chat request or call with a technician. Definitely, they will guide you on what next to do.



Wrapping up the content here, I hope you have learnt how to fix “TrueDepth camera not working iPhone? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback after trying the above guidelines. Remember to contact Apple support if you weren’t able to fix it using the listed methods

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