How To Fix “Waze No Network Connection Problem In One Minute

In today’s techdut guide, I will be sharing information on how to fix “waze no network connection problem in one minute. If your waze app isn’t connecting at the moment, don’t worry” this blog post will help you resolve the issue within few seconds and everything will start working again.

Waze is a powerful GPS maps app installed in your iPhone/Android, that helps you to find location to any destination. With this App, you can easily find your way about to any place, even if you haven’t been there for the first time.

Excluding from finding a location, there are other useful things this app helps you to achieve while traveling or going to a place you don’t know too well.

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Waze GPS maps App will tell you about the current traffic conditions, police positions, accident locations, and roadwork in real time of the place you are heading to. Not only that, it will automatically redirect you another route” if there’s a traffic jam, so as to save your time. 

iPhone Waze Saying No Network Connection?


Yes, this doesn’t happen only on iPhone, Android users are also complaining of this same issue. Recall, someone complained this same “waze no network connection problem few days ago, you can check out the screenshot below;

How To Fix "Waze No Network Connection Problem In One Minute

This can be so annoying, more especially if it happened on your way going out’ to a destination you don’t know. Or when you want to find out the current traffic jam on the way and police positions. 

But this is absolutely nothing to worry about anymore, I will show you how to successfully fix the issue of waze no network connection on android and iPhone. It will automatically start working fine again, you just have to calm down and properly read the instructions on how to resolve it.

How To Fix “Waze No Network Connection Problem In One Minute


The issue of waze saying “no network connection or searching network, is mostly as a result of using outdated Waze App. From time-to-time, new features are being added, it’s your responsibility to update the app and keep it running freely. Though, there are other things that might result to this issue, but don’t worry. The following guidelines will help you fix it within few minutes, carefully read and follow instructions properly;

Delete Waze App And Reinstall It


Whenever you start expirencing” no network connection issue, the first step to take is for you to unistall and delete the waze app completely. Then’ go ahead and download a new app from Google play store or apple store.

Just as I said earlier, the app might be out of date, or having some issue that can only be resolved when you delete and download new one/ version.

Waze No Network Connection iPhone

This method work for a lot of people, you can see the above screenshot of someone who applied it and testify how fast it worked.

Enable Your Cellular Data


Is your iPhone/android cellular data enabled? This is another thing you should check out right now. Go to Settings, locate waze app and toggle enable cellular data instead of WiFi.

Also check your data balance, to confirm if you have exhausted your data plan. Waze App works with internet connection, hence you must enable your cellular data and also make sure your have enough data bundle to run it without any issue of no network connection.

Clear Waze Cache


It’s either you call it cache or the app history. This means, all the previous activities done over the app” including the amount of data the app have consumed so far. Sometimes leaving it there for long, result to certain error/issues.

Go to your phone settings and navigate Waze App, walk-around to find => Storage Usage => Clear Cache to delete all previous history. That’s it, everything will start working fine again.

Factory Reset Your Phone


If none of the above methods work for you, kindly back up your iPhone or android phone and factory reset it. After that, go ahead and reinstall the app and enable the cellular data as instructed above. Trust me, everything will start working fine.

Troubleshooting And Other Waze Issues


Irrespective of the issue, after applying the above method, we believe it solves almost all Waze GPS maps not working issues. However, if the issue persist” go ahead and visit waze help center to get it fixed permanently.



I will be dropping my pen here, and I hope you have learnt how to fix “waze no network connection problem in one minute? Make sure you you follow the instructions properly.

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