How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend ( Perfect Guide )

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing a perfect guide on how to hide text messages on iPhone from girlfriend. If you don’t want your girlfriend to see your text messages whenever she access your cell phone, just chill and follow our tutorial. With the help of information that we shared here’ no one will ever see your text messaging app nor read your text messages without your consent.

By default, anyone can decide to reset his or her iPhone text message privacy. Yes, you heard me right, you can decide to hide your text messages on iPhone by navigating settings. But then again, I don’t think it’s the best way to hide text messages on Apple iPhone. But that won’t stop me from sharing the information here, while I present the best and widely used third party app to privatize your text messages.

If you hide your text messages on iPhone using the default settings, your girlfriend might also use her own stractagy to find the hidden text messages. Hence, we prefer using a powerful third party app that enables you to use PIN password, fingerprint or face ID to lock it up. Amazing right? Let quickly take a glance at this question before we proceed.

Can I Hide Messages On iPhone Without Deleting?


A lot of people are very anxious to know if the text messages will disappear or delete if they hide it from girlfriend. Well, the answer is “No, your text messages will be intact and safe when you hide it with either a third party app or default iPhone settings.

You can also hide your call log, and your girlfriend won’t be able to see who call you on phone. So, if you’re a cheater’ I guess this blog post will act like a savior to you.

However, we totally understand that’ there may be certain conversations you wouldn’t want anyone to see including your girlfriend. But that’s not an issue again, you just have to follow our tutorial and set it up in few minutes.

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend


Normally, whenever your girlfriend access your cell apple iPhone” the first app she won’t hesitate to open is your text message. Almost every girlfriend does that, more especially when she suspect that’ you’re cheating on her.

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend ( Perfect Guide )

Now your question is, what’s the best way to hide my text messages on iPhone without deleting? Kindly read the best method to achieve that safely.

Install Calculator Vault App


There are so many free/paid apps that enables you to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting. However, we have filtered out the best secret calculator app, and it works perfectly on iPhone.

The app looks exactly like your default iPhone calculator, you can as well use it to solve mathematics. Its interface is very innocent and your girlfriend will never suspect that you hid text messages in the app.

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Is the calculator app free? Obviously a lot of people prefer free stuffs. Anyways, don’t panic’ it’s absolutely for free. You can decide to go for premium version if you want to hide other files like pictures, videos and documents. The app is available on app store, for you to download it for free tap here. After downloading, install and open app, now use the below guidelines to set it up;

  • Open Vault Calculator App.
  • Enter your password, you can decide to use fingerprint as password.
  • Re-enter the password again and you will be taken to your dashboard.
  • Workaround the app dashboard, navigate Drag And Drop.
  • Use it to import all the files you would like to hide.
  • Also import your text messaging App.
  • You can also import call Log, hide certain phone number and more.

That’s the best, fastest and safest way of hiding text messages from girlfriend on iPhone. Use a powerful and reliable third-party app, use a very strong password and lock it up. All incoming text messages and  the previous ones will be going directly to the hidden app. Hence, you will have to be vigilant and check the app from time to time.

Alternatively, we have another way of hiding text messages on iPhone from girlfriend. However, it’s through iPhone settings’ you can follow the guidelines below;

How To Hide Text Messages On iPhone


This method requires keeping your iPhone text message notification mute. Hence, you won’t be notified that someone has sent you a text message. Here is the set up guide;

  • Open your iPhone Settings App
  • Workaround and locate Notifications.
  • Scroll down and navigate Messages.
  • Under the Options section
  • Change to Never “message will not show on the lock screen” or “When Unlocked”.

If you enable this option, make sure you keep checking your text messages. Because, you won’t receive notifications of incoming text messages.



I will be dropping my pen here, and there’s no doubt “that you have learnt how to hide text messages on iPhone from girlfriend. Your girlfriend will no longer see your text messages when hide it with the above methods. Feel free to scroll down and check out related articles, and also be a good boyfriend.

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