How To Know If Someone Went Through Your Phone

I will be sharing information on how to know if someone went through your phone. By default, anyone can easily check who went through his or her cell phone. Though, the built-in feature isn’t as reliable as using a third party app.

But don’t worry, this blog post got you covered” I will show you a third party app to catch someone snooping on your phone and also direct you on how to check it using the default feature.

You won’t just find out if someone went through your phone, this content will also show you the person that went through your cell phone or tried to unlock your phone without your consent. Pretty cool right? Yeah! You must be lucky to stumble on this web page today. 

Normally, people are very anxious to know what others are doing on their phone. More especially parents tryna figure out what their kids are doing with their iPhone/iPad.

This is very cool, in some occasions, spouse who doesn’t trust each other always tap on their partners phone when they are not around. Well, just relax your mind’ this blog post will help you put an end to it.

Can You See When Your iPhone Was Last Unlocked?


The answer is yes, iOS has a feature that’ allows you to find out the last time your iPhone was unlocked. Hence, if someone try unlocking your cell phone when you went out, you can easily find out by checking the time last time it was unlocked.

iPhone “Last unlocked’ information appears right on the lock screen itself, so you can’t miss it at all. You get to see a convenient little timestamp, showing you when your phone or tablet was unlocked.

How To Know If Someone Went Through Your Phone


Just as I said earlier, iOS have built-in feature that enables you to see if someone went through your phone, how much time spent and apps the person open. To achieve this, you have to use iOS Screen Time feature. This is what to do;

  • From your iPhone, iPad or itouch, Open Settings App.
  • Scroll down until you “Screen Time“. (beside a purple hourglass icon in square shape)
  • How To Check Recent Activity On iPhone 7/ 8/XR/ 11 & Others
  • Tap on the “Screen Time” and you will be taking to another page.
  • When you arrive on the main screen time page, select “See All Activity“.
  • Then’ go ahead and click “See All Activity” to find the recent apps and its usage.
  • You can scroll down and tap on ” Show More” to get the complete result.
  • Find more tips here.
Use  Third Party App


Alternatively, there are their party Apps that enables you to catch someone snooping on your phone iPhone or android. These apps automatically capture the photo of anyone trying to unlock your device or went through it without your permission.

We have the one for iPhone and iPad users, which is called “WhoSnooped“. And the one for android users called LookOut. Though’ not only the two apps, but we test these two before posting it here.

All you have to do is to install the app in the target phone and set it up by yourself, the app is absolutely for free” but you can purchase the premium version later in future.

iPhone or iPad users are meant to download WhoSnooped from apple store, to install it now, tap here.

While android users are meant to install LookOut from Google play store, to make it easier for you guys” kindly tap here.

Using any of these apps depends on your phone brand, but I can assure that’s the best and most reliable way to check or see if someone went through your phone.

Immediately the intruder try unlocking your iPhone, iPad or android, it will capture the person’s face and this will help you know the person that tapped your device when you weren’t around.




That’s all, but not the least” hopefully you have learnt how to know if someone went through your phone? Well, we won’t fail or hesitate to update you guys with more information if eventually will figure out other easier method.

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