How To Like A Text Message On Android

In our today’s guide, I will show you how to like a text message on android. If you want to learn how to react like to text messages on android, definitely this blog post will be very helpful to you. You can now react like, love, smile to a text message with your android phone. Calm down and read, also follow instructions properly.

One of the best ways to make chatting more playful and fun is by reacting to it, however some people prefer using emoji to express their feelings. Which is currently the new trend, it’s more popular to Apple iPhone users because they use iMessage rather then SMS.

But that doesn’t mean that’ you cannot do the same on android phone. So, I will be sharing information on how to set up and enable rich communications services ( RCS ) on android, so as to react to text messages.

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For you to be able to react to text messages on android isn’t something difficult, however’ you need to understand how it works and why you may have tried and failed. So, you have to read carefully and follow instructions properly.

Can You React To Text Messages On Android?


The truth remains that’ android default text messaging app doesn’t come along with text messages reaction. However, we have gotten a perfect alternative to it, that’ means’ you can able to like text messages with the help of this tutorial.

Recall few days ago, we taught Samsung users how to react to text messages, and today we will be sharing similar information to Android users.

How To Like A Text Message On Android


We haven’t loose hope yet, that in no distance time’s android will release an update on a messaging app that enable like reactions. However, the alternative app is the best for now, maybe that’s why they relaxed.

That’s by the way, for you to easily react like, smile, or angry emoji to text messages on android” you must download Google message App from play store. If you already have it, then’ follow the below guidelines to get started;

Turn on your rich communication services (RCS). And also make sure everyone in the chat turned his or her own on. You can’t be able to like text messages without your RCS on, after doing that’

  • Click and hold the text you want to react like.
  • Wait for some seconds.
  • Different emoji reaction will automatically pop up, select like or any other of your choice
  • That’s it, you have liked the text message.

You can decide to change the like emoji reaction by tap and hold the text message you reacted to. Then, select a new reaction” however, you can only change your own emoji reaction

How To Stop Liked Text Messages On Android


If you want to stop liked text messages, it’s very easy” just turn off your RCS. Whenever your RCS is off, you can’t be able to react to text messages.

However, if you want to completely remove your reaction to a text, tap and hold the message you reacted to. Now, click the highlighted reaction, it will disappear automatically.



I will be rounding off the content here, I hope you have learnt how to like text messages on android? to ensure that’ this guidelines work for you, make sure you follow instructions properly.

Start by installing the recommended text messaging app, and make sure your CRS is turned on.

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