How To Like A Text Message On Samsung

Hello guys and welcome to, in today’s article” I will be sharing information on how to like a text message on Samsung. If you’re using Samsung Galaxy phone and you don’t know how to react like to a text message, this content will be very helpful to you.

Samsung have made it possible for its users to react like, love, smiles to text message (s) using advance messaging method. However, you enable advance messaging feature” you can like text messages on Samsung phone.

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I totally understand that so many people like reacting to text messages, that’s their own way of expressing their feelings. You can decide to react like or love emoji, which is also my favorite. I don’t like chatting, I send more of emoji and I believe a lot of people do the same.

Just as I said earlier, I will properly guide you on how to like text messages on Samsung S8, S9, S10, D20, and S21. As a matter of fact, any Samsung phone at all” you can follow the below method to like text messages.

How To React To Messages On Samsung

You can only like text messages on Samsung when you enable advance messaging feature. However, the person you’re reacting to his or her text messages can only see and respond back “if he or she turned on Advance messaging too. It’s exactly like iPhone iMessage that enables it’s users to chat, and also react like to text messages.

In as much as your advance messaging feature will be enabled or turned on, you will also have to turn on your internet connection. Yes, you heard me right” this can only work when the two are on. Now follow the below guide to turn it and and learn how to react with any emoji of your choice.

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How To Like A Text Message On Samsung

Some Samsung phones have this advance messaging feature by default, while some will have to download an app to set it up’ mostly those using Samsung Galaxy 20 note Ultra.

If you are lucky to have this feature by default, that means’ you won’t stress yourself. But if you don’t have it? You will need to install a third party app to set it up. Anyways, we have written a step by step guide to set it up’ kindly check our related article.

Before anything, read and confirm if you have it, else you follow our related article to set it up and learn how to enable it too. Now, for you to turn it on and start reacting like to a text message on Samsung” read below;

  • Open your Samsung Text Message App.
  • Go to Settings And Open It.
  • You will see “Advance messaging
  • If it’s off, Toggle Enable to turn it on.
  • Now,  turn on your Internet Connect and return to text messages.
  • That’s all, you have enabled advanced messaging on Samsung, now you can react to text messages.

You can also change the emoji reaction by click and hold the message you reacted to, then select a new reaction. Meanwhile, you can only change your own emoji reaction.

For you to completely remove your reaction, tap and hold the message you reacted to. Now, click the highlighted reaction, it will disappear automatically.


Remember what I told you guys earlier, this “advance messaging” feature aren’t in all Samsung phones. Hence, you need to read our related article if you can’t find it in your text message settings as shown above.

I hope you have learnt how to like a text message on Samsung? Feel free to give us feedback after trying this method.

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