How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Any iPhone ( Fast Method )

I will be sharing how to make keyboard bigger on any iPhone. If your iPhone keyboard is tiny and you want to resize it to a bigger one, this article will be very helpful to you. A complete guide on how to make keyboard larger on iPhone/iOS, read carefully and follow instructions as stated here.

iPhone users can attest that’ the current iOS version has tiny keyboard. Hence, you need clear eyes to be able to type fast with it. But if you don’t like this current iPhone keyboard, you have an option to make it bigger. Yes, you heard me right” there’s a feature that enables you to make any iPhone keyboard bigger. So, you can decide to  enlarge it with Display zoom feature.

Excluding from making your iPhone keyboard bigger, this feature can enhance the font size and make it look more unique.

You may not have seen or know the function of Display Zoom on iPhone and how to set it, but right now” I will properly guide you on how to make your iPhone keyboard bigger with Zoom. Not only that, I will also introduce a third party app’ that serves as alternative. Now, let’s get started;

How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Any iPhone


Irrespective of the iOS/iPhone version, you can follow this steps to make your keyboard bigger and enhance they trying layout. Carefully read and follow the instructions below;

  • Open your iPhone settings App.
  • Scroll down and click on Display Brightness.
  • When you’re on display section, tap on Display Zoom” and click on View.
  • You will see another section, now click on Zoomed.
  • Return to your home screen and check it out.

Another step to follow is, Go to Settings  > Accessibility > Keyboards, then turn off Show Lowercase Keys.

You can actually do this within few seconds, it’s very easy and those with fat fingers can now enjoy bigger keyboard on any iPhone. Alternatively, you can as well use a third party app” which also perform the same function. If you want your iPhone keyboard later than the default size, then’ go ahead and use third party app.

Best Bigger Keyboard App For iPhone And iPad


There are hundreds of free keyboard apps for iPhone, but we have filtered out the best among all. If you want to make your iPhone keyboard bigger, kindly download and install this thirty Party Apple store.

TuneKey® – Key Size & Finger Scope:


How To Make Keyboard Bigger On Any iPhone ( Fast Method )

Tunekey is a very powerful app that makes any iPhone keyboard larger/bigger. You will have to download it directly from apple store, for your iPad and iPhone.

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For you to download this app is absolutely for free, so you won’t pay anything to get started. Tunekey has been marked as one of the best iPhone apps that resize and enlarge keyboard. You can download the app here

Below is a tutorial video on how to make your iPhone keyboard bigger for fat fingers, using the default settings.

How To Make Space Bar Bigger On iPhone


A lot of iPhone users are seriously complaining of hitting b or n instead of space. Thereby asking if it’s possible to make space bar bigger on iPhone?

Well, to my best of knowledge’ this is as a result of tiny keyboard. Probably you have fat fingers, and it keeps pressing another alphabet while trying to hit the space bar.

In trying to make it bigger, you might end up jailbreaking your phone. The only alternative is to enlarge your iPhone keyboard, definitely the space bar will be bigger too. You can as well do this by following the manual settings or download a third party app.



Now that you have learnt how to make keyboard bigger on any iPhone, what next? We expect you to take action immediately and give us feedback using the comment box below.

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