How To Not Show Name On Text Message iPhone

In our today’s guide, you will learn how to not show name on text message iPhone. If you want to hide the name of the person texting you on iPhone, then’ go ahead and read this blog post till the end. I have provided you guys with helpful tips on how to disable the sender name on text message iPhone.

Although, Apple iPhone doesn’t have a feature that permits you to automatically stop seeing the name on text message iPhone. Hence, you can easily use a third party app to enable this feature and still make text message name invisible.

However, iOS have a feature that enables you to turn off text message preview, and text message preview on a lock screen. So, if you wouldn’t want to install any thirty party text messaging app” you can go ahead and disable text preview, I think it’s even more better. Though, you can enable both features.

In a situation where you wouldn’t want anyone to see who texted you, if eventually they tap your cell” I think this feature solves it. Oftentimes we receive business text or from your boyfriend/girlfriend. Yeah, you can hide the sender’s name if you have another date” definitely it will save you from being catch easily.

Since, there’s a harmless third party app that enables you to achieve this result effortlessly” then’ go ahead and Install it following the below steps.

After that, scroll down to see more tutorials on how to disable text messages preview notifications, including when the screen is locked.

How To Not Show Name On Text Message iPhone


With the third party app and its set up guide that I’m about to share right now, you can easily hide name on text message. All you have to do, is to follow the steps as shown here;

  1. Go to your “iPhone Settings
  2. Navigate and tap on “Notifications‘.
  3. Then’ scroll down until you find “Messages“.
  4. When you see messages, select “Allow Notifications“.
  5. Go ahead and activate the “Messages App‘. Then’ walk-around to find the Conversation you want to disable its text message notifications, and open the text.
  6. Next, click on the “i” icon, at the right corner. Select “Hide Alerts” and you won’t be notify on any text message send from that thread.
  7. After that’ open your Messages” it will automatically display a “Do Not Disturb” crescent moon icon close to conversation.

After doing this, you won’t be able to receive text messages notifications with name of the sender appearing there. But you have to be vigilant, always watchful to your phone inbox” because all the text will automatically drop in your text message app without notifying you.

Hey guys, let’s do this” yeah! Let’s quickly proceed to sharing information on another means to not show name on text message iPhone. Though this method involve turning off the notification completely, instead of hiding the name.

Disable Show Previews


Whenever someone send you a text messages on iPhone, it always show a preview notification on your home screen. What you will do right now is to turn it off, if you really want to privatize your text messages. To achieve this, kindly follow the below guidelines;

  • Open Settings App.
  • Navigate and tap on “Notifications
  • Select Messages
  • After that’ scroll down and navigate “Show Previews”.
  • Now toggle down “Show Previews” to turn it off.

Immediately after that’ you won’t see the preview notification again. Whenever you receive a text message, it will automatically drop in your inbox without notifying you.

Disable “Show On Lock Screen


Even when your iPhone is locked, it doesn’t stop you from receiving notification whenever someone sent you a message. The feature is built-in, however’ you can turn it off and stop receiving notifications. To do this, kindly follow the below steps;

  • Open Settings App.
  • Navigate and tap on “Notifications
  • Select Messages
  • After that’ scroll down and disable “Show on Lock Screen” to turn off name on text message iPhone.




At this point, I will be dropping my pen’ hopefully you have learnt how to not show name on text message iPhone? Feel free to use the comment box below to reach out to us, if you have further questions. And don’t forget to check our related articles below.

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