How To Open Calculator Vault App Without Password

In our today’s guide, I will show you guys how to open calculator vault app without password. Those who installed calculator vault app with the aim of encrypting their photos, videos and some apps” but couldn’t remember their password, should follow the below steps to unlock the app.

These methods of unlocking vault app if forgot password, that I’m about to share now’ works perfectly on both iPhone and android. As long as calculator vault password recovery is concerned, use any of the below methods to open the app and view your hidden files.

Normally, whenever you give someone your cell phone’ their main target is to read your text messages or view your gallery. Hence, it’s left for you to decide some apps, pictures and videos to encrypt using vault app.

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In a situation where you forgot the vault app password, and you are searching for how to unlock vault app if forgot password? Then’ you will have to follow the below guide to open it.

How To Unlock Vault If Forgot Password On iPhone Or Android


Well,  recovering vault app password or unlocking it when you forget the password isn’t something impossible. Hence, I will be sharing the first step to take whenever you want to open calculator vault app without password.

  1. First of all, open the calculator vault App.
  2. Enter this number as password 11223344 and tap equal sign =
  3. The calculator vault app will open instantly.
  4. That’s all.

This method works perfectly in all phones, but not in all calculator apps. Hence, you will have to check the second method.

How To Open Calculator Vault App Without Password iPhone/Android


The pure truth is that, there are so many calculator vault apps online. And all of them perform the same function, which is to hide pictures, videos and other files you wouldn’t want anyone to see. But, they have different features, so if the first method didn’t work for you” this one will definitely work.

  • Get the phone with the calculator Vault App, and Go To Settings.
  • Tap on the App manager and locate the calculator+ vault App.
  • Now, open the App and Clear the data.
  • 5 Easy Steps To Open Calculator Vault App Without Password
  • Now reset the password and run it up.

Easy steps to achieve this method fast. From your phone background, click and hold calculator vault app => Select “App info” => click “Storage Usage” => then tap ” Clear Data“. That’s all, you go back to the calculator vault and reset a new password.

That’s how to open calculator vault app without password. If you have further questions, you can contact the app developer. Also don’t forget to give us feedback and share with friends.

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