How To Open Facebook Link In-App Instead Of Browser iOS/Android

With step by step guide, I will show you how to open Facebook link in-app instead of browser iOS/Android. If whenever you tap on a link shared on Facebook, it takes you to browser instead of the App” here is the best guide to reset it.

This is absolutely not an issue, it’s something you can reset by yourself within few minutes. A lot of sites may have come up with different ideas, yet failed. You know why? Because Facebook won’t fail to release new updates and also disable some features.

Hence, some information on how to open Facebook link in app instead of browser may not work for you” this is because they’re outdated. Now, I will be sharing two different methods to achieve this” the first one is to reset the settings by default, while the other one is from your Facebook account.

What I’m about to share right now, is a verified method that works for everyone. So, you don’t have to worry yourself on how to stop Facebook links from opening in browser rather than the App” this is the complete guide;

Why Can’t I Open Facebook link In App Instead Of Browser?


The reason you’re unable to open links in Facebook app instead of browser, is from the phone settings. Some cell phones needs to be reset before you can be able to open links directly from your Facebook app.

However, it can also be done from your Facebook settings. Just as I said earlier, this isn’t an issue’ if you follow this tutorial, you will reset it within few minutes.

How To Open Facebook Link In-App Instead Of Browser iOS/Android


Remember what I said earlier, I will be sharing different methods to easily open any Facebook link in app instead of browser. Now let’s quickly proceed;

Reset Facebook App Settings


One of the reasons Facebook links keep opening in browser Instead App’ may be as a result of the default settings. If you’re using outdated Facebook version, you’re likely to face this issue’ that’s why it’s necessary to always update the latest version of your Facebook app. Follow the below steps to check and reset it;

  • Open your Facebook App.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right hand side.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Then scroll down and locate Media And Contacts, click on it
  • Walk-around to find “Links open externally” tap to enable the option.
  • That’s how to reset it from your Facebook app.

Update Facebook Version


In some cases, it may be as a result of using outdated Facebook version, I have said it earlier. But if it reoccur after updating to the latest version’ kindly unistall the app and reinstall it again.

Definitely it will start running perfectly and links will open in app instead of browser.

Reset Facebook Messenger App


If you’re not using Facebook lite, then you obviously have Facebook messenger installed in your phone. You have to check the messenger settings and enable links to open in app instead of browser. Follow the below steps to reset it;

  • First of all, open your Facebook messenger App.
  • Click on your profile, and scroll down to locate photos & media.
  • Then again, go to the sub-menu.
  • Select disable “Open Links in Default Browser“.



That’s the end, I hope you have learnt how to open Facebook link in-app instead of browser iOS/Android? Ohh yes, we are looking forward to getting your feedback after trying the above methods.

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