How To Open Home Screen On iPhone With Face ID

In our today’s guide, I will be sharing information on how to open home screen on iPhone with face ID. There are different ways to lock your iPhone, e.g PIN partner, fingerprint, alphabet, and face ID. So, I will be discussing easy steps to open your iPhone home screen using face ID.

As we all know, iPhone has a lot of outstanding features’ which some users are finding very different to locate or set up. And I can practically say that’ face ID as a means of unlocking your iPhone is one of the outstanding features that came with apple iPhone.

Face ID security lock protects your iPhone from unauthorized access, no one can ever tamper with your phone when you’re not around, only you can have access to your cell phone when you set up face ID as a means of unlocking your iPhone home screen.

Though other phone brands may have this face ID lock, but there’s a big difference” which rank apple iPhone the best.

This iPhone face ID plays a vital role, as it helps to prevent unauthorized access to your cell phone. Your phone works with face recognition as soon as you set up iPhone face ID as a means of unlocking your iPhone.

How To Unlock iPhone With Face ID Without Swiping Up?


For you to be able to unlock your iPhone with face ID without swiping, you must have set up or enable face ID feature. However, this can only work if your iPhone TrueDepth camera is working perfectly. For you to check and also fix any issue relating to this, kindly read our related articles below;

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Remember what I said earlier, you can only enjoy this iPhone Face ID security feature when you enable and set it up using this below guide;

How To Set Up Face ID On iPhone


  • First of all, open your iPhone Settings App
  • Walk-around and navigate Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your current Password, this is to ensure that you’re really the one trying to set up Face ID security.
  • After that, tap on Set Up Face ID.
  • A display of face ID scan guidelines will pop up, follow instructions properly.

  • How To Open Home Screen On iPhone With Face ID
  • Now tap get started, and gently move your face around the circle. Hold your cell phone very well to make the scanning easier, allow the phone camera to capture your face very well.
  • When you’re done with the first scanning, tap continue and complete the second step.
  • After that, tap done.

How To Open Home Screen On iPhone With Face ID


When you’re done setting up the iPhone face ID security lock using the above method. Then, follow the steps below to unlock your home screen

This is very easy, since you’re through with the set up process. For you to Unlock or open your iPhone home screen using face ID, kindly pick up your cell phone and hold it in front of your face, it will open instantly.

The opening process is very quiet, If the iPhone doesn’t wake, tap the Side button (upper right side) it will automatically pick up” then, place it on your face.

If you can’t set up Face ID using iPhone default settings App, you can download Sparkdev and make it an alternative. However, this app works perfectly on jailbreak iPhone



Definitely you have learnt how to open home screen on iPhone with face ID. Make sure you follow instructions properly and don’t forget to give us feedback after trying the above methods.

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