How To Read A Deleted WhatsApp Message Someone Sent You On iPhone

In today’s guide, I will teach you how to read a deleted whatsapp message someone sent you on iPhone. If someone sent you a text message on WhatsApp, and later delete it” you can still read it, and that’s exactly what I will be sharing now. How to recover and see deleted text messages on iPhone.

Why do people delete text messages on WhatsApp after sending them? I know you may like to see an answer to this question. Well, this is simply because the sender may have realize that’ you won’t find the message funny. Or, when someone mistakingly send you photos, videos or messages that’s meant to send to another person. Then, the sender will quickly delete it, before you open the chat.

Can I Get Back Deleted Messages On WhatsApp?


For you to see deleted messages someone sent to you on WhatsApp, you must have backed up your chat history on iCloud. Then, recover any delete WhatsApp chat, and also reply them. 

As it stands now, the current WhatsApp version doesn’t store deleted text messages unless you backed it up or use a third party app.

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There are so many apps for iPhone that allows you to recover or see deleted messages on WhatsApp, not only messages” you will also recover audio and other media files.

Knowing fully well that someone might send you a text and decided to delete it for some reasons, WhatsApp doesn’t have a feature that enables its users to read deleted messages.

But you can still see deleted messages or audio by using a third party app. If you enabled backup feature, there’s no need to install any thirty party app.

How To Read A Deleted WhatsApp Message Someone Sent You On iPhone


If you want to see deleted messages on WhatsApp without any thirty party app installed on iPhone, then’ you will have to back up your WhatsApp chat on iCloud and recover all chats when someone send you a text and delete it. Below is how to easily achieve that;

  • You have to Back Up Your WhatsApp Chat.
  • Then, unistall the App and go back to apple store to reinstall it again.
  • Use the same phone number to login again, on the process” you will be ask to recover backed up files or not?
  • Select recover, and wait for some minutes to finish importing both deleted and new messages.
  • Now, open your WhatsApp and read the deleted messages.

This method works perfectly on iPhone, but make sure your chat history are backed up earlier before now. Because, if you didn’t back up your files, you have absolutely nothing to recover back. That’s by the, there’s another option to see deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages iPhone Without Backup


If you don’t like backing up your chat history, just like me. Then’ you can still get delete text messages straight to your phone without saying ( this message was deleted ) amazing right? Follow the below steps;

Install GBWhatsApp


Instead of using the normal WhatsApp app, Install the clone WhatsApp app called GBWhatsApp, in replace of the original App.

As I’m typing this right now, that’s what I’m using” the features are top-notch. I find it more cool than the original WhatsApp App. With GBWhatsApp, you can hide any chat and lock it with password. Have a separate widget for group chat and most of all read deleted WhatsApp messages.

Whenever someone sent you a message and delete it, it will never reflect” the message will be there’ only on GBWhatsApp. The cloned app is very powerful and having a lot of amazing features.

With GBWhatsApp, you don’t need to backup anything to see deleted messages. As a matter of fact, if the person deletes the chat, it won’t reflect.

Best App To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages On iPhone


Using a third party app isn’t a bad idea, as a matter of fact’ it will help you to recover any delete messages or files sent to you on WhatsApp. So, if you prefer using a third party app, then’ go ahead and use the one we recommended here.

  • Download Notification History App from Apple store.
  • Install and open the App after downloading.
  • Walk-around  the app and find WhatsApp icon.
  • Tap on the WhatsApp icon and access all deleted messages, audio and other media files.



With the above methods, I can practically say that’ you have learnt how to read a deleted whatsapp message someone sent you on iPhone. Right now I expect you to take action and give us feedback using the comment box below.

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