How To Recover Calculator + App Password On iPhone & Android

In today’s techdut guide, I will show you how to recover calculator + App password on iPhone & android. If you’re using calculator vault app to hide your photos, videos and other sensitive files, unfortunately you forgot the password. This content will provide you with working method to easily recover your password and have hidden files back.

Calculator vault app is currently acting as a privacy savior to android and iOS users, it plays a vital role in privatizing your photos and videos. The app is very awesome and a lot of people can attest to that.

So, if eventually you forgot the passcode PIN you used in locking up the hidden photos and videos. Then, apply this calculator password recovery method” that we are about to share here and now. But before that, let’s quickly take a glance at this question;

Can You Recover Calculator Hide App Forgot Password?

So many calculator vault app users has been asking us this question. Well, the answer is yes” there’s a procedure to follow and recover calculator app’ when you forget your password.

How To Recover Calculator + App Password On iPhone & Android

Just as said earlier, for you to recover and reset calculator app isn’t something impossible. However, it maybe quite difficult’ because there are so many calculator vault app on Google play store.

So, it depends on the one you’re using” some are more easier to unlock, while some requires erasing the data. Meanwhile, below is the working method to calculator App oassword recovery;

  • Open the Calculator+ App
  • Dial “11223344” and pre = (sign).
  • Then, recover your password by entering your calculator App secret question.
  • Now, reset the password and that’s all.

This method works perfectly for that calculator vault app that’s provided by fishnet”.

How To Recover Calculator + App Password On iPhone & Android 2024 photo

But if you’re using other calculator+ app and this method didn’t work for you, kindly contact the developer and they will help you recover it. Or, erase the app data and start afresh” though you are likely to loose the hidden files there.

I will be dropping my pen here, if you have further questions’ feel free to use the comment box below to ask and also refer to our related articles for more guide on calculator vault app.

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