How To See Open Apps On iPhone 11 Or iPhone 11 Pro

Do you want to learn how to see open apps on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro? If the answer is yes, then’ you’re highly welcome. With step by step guide, I will show you the fastest/ short cut to see open apps on iPhone 11, so that you can go ahead and close them or continue using the app.

Apple iPhone features aren’t something you can learn in one day, you will keep learning as they keep upgrading their versions. But this information on how to view/see open apps is very easy. And it’s something that’you can achieve within 2 seconds.

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One of the disadvantages to leaving multiple apps open on iPhone/iOS is that’ it drain the phone battery faster. So, when you see open apps on iPhone 11, close the ones you aren’t using and help make your phone battery last longer.

While I show you how to easily find or see open apps on your iPhone 11, I will also show you the fastest way to close it. Without saying much, I will proceed to sharing the information now.

How To See Open Apps On iPhone 11 Or iPhone 11 Pro


What I’m about to show you now is the fastest method to use. Carefully read and follow the instructions below;

  • Double-click on your iPhone 11 Home Button to see all open apps.
  • When you see them, Swipe Right or Left to find the app you want to close.
  • Swipe up on the App Previews to close it instantly.
  • You can use this method to close all open apps.
  • Next time you want to check check open apps, also use this method.

How Do I Find Out What Is Running In The Background On My iPhone 11?


The only thing running in your iPhone 11 background is app, yes” you heard me right.

Apps are the only thing running in your phone background, and you can use the above method to see them” and close the ones you aren’t using. This will help reduce the rate at which your phone battery run down.



That’s how to see open apps on iPhone 11, hopefully you have seen open apps on your iPhone? Well, I believe the answer is yes’ because this method is very easy and the fastest so far.

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