How To Unlock iPhone Without Siri Or Passcode Or iTunes Or Computer 2022

In today’s guide, you will learn how to unlock iPhone without siri or passcode or iTunes or computer. If eventually you lost your iPhone password and can’t unlock it, just relax and follow our tutorial here to unlock it successfully without siri, passcode, iTunes or computer.

Apple iPhone security feature lock is top-notch, hence’ unlocking the phone password when forgotten or lost isn’t as easy as you may think. However, it’s not something impossible, but easier if you backed up your files.

For you to unlock your iPhone/iPad without siri or passcode or iTunes or computer. That means, you will have to install a software to erase your phone and reset it all over. However, all your data will be intact if you backed up your iPhone before the password recovery process.

iPhone Password Unlock – Other Secrets 


There are some many ways to unlock iPhone, would you like to learn that too? Okay, let me quickly share a little secret before proceeding to your request, which is’ unlocking iPhone without siri or passcode or iTunes or computer. Kindly follow below steps;

Unlock iPhone With New Secret Button; By using this method it simply means that you lost your iPhone password completely, or you are not the owner of the phone. Hence” if the owner will get mad at you when he/she eventually finds out’ then, it’s not advisable to apply the method.

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It will erase the data and you’re definitely starting afresh. But then again, if the files are backed up” then’ I can practically say that’ it’s the best method to use and unlock your iPhone/iPad password.

To get started, all you have to do” is to tap and “hold your iPhone power button and volume down button at the same time” hold for some seconds to automatically put it on recovery mode.

When the “Connect To iTunes” logo show up, on the iPhone locked screen’ go ahead and plug it on your computer. From the popping windows, tap restore to force factory reset your iPhone/iPad with the help of iTunes.

But if you’re unable to put your iPhone/iPad on recovery mode by holding the power button and volume down button. Or you find it very difficult to reset it, kindly use a third party service to restore it. However, if you wouldn’t want to do this using iTunes, we will proceed another step.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Siri Or Passcode Or iTunes Or Computer 2022


The best way to unlock iPhone, is by erasing the data” and start all over again. But if you backed your data up, you won’t lose any of them. But if you’re good at guessing and the below method work for you” that means you don’t need to factory reset your phone.

Guess The Passcode


If the iPhone you want to unlock doesn’t belong to you, probably your boyfriend, girlfriend or kids. You can actually unlock the phone by guessing the passcode. Sounds impossible? Lol, it’s hundred percent possible and a lot of people are using it to unlock iPhones.

You can actually unlock any iPhone passcode without siri or passcode or iTunes or computer by using guessing method.

For example: you can enter the person’s date of birth ( 1987, 1997, 2006, ), you can also use the person’s name’ or pet name, if it’s lucked with alphabet. This is a game of luck though, but I can practically say that’ it works for so many people. Knowing fully well that’ some people use their names and ages as password” so that they won’t forget it easily.

Use Find My Phone


You can easily recover your iPhone password, it you signed up and turn on “Find My iPhone“. With is method, you don’t need to use iTunes, password, Siri or computer.

The only thing required is a third party iPhone to sign in your account using Apple ID and reset your password. But if the phone is not yours, unfortunately it can’t work for you. Now, let’s proceed;

  • Use another person’s iPhone/iPad and sign in to
  • Enter your Apple ID and tap “Find My iPhone” to enable connection.
  • Walk-around and find ‘Locked Device.
  • Go ahead and tap on “Erase iPhone” to automatically remove the phone password.
  • Tap on “Erase” and put your Apple ID to confirm it.

ATTENTION: the above method is very cool, but make sure your data is backed up before proceeding to take action, else you will lose all of them. Because, it will wipe out all your data.

Install A Third Party App


There are softwares that enables you to unlock any iPhone without using iTunes, computer or password. However, you will be charged to use any of those softwares to recover or unlock iPhone password.

You can go ahead and browser them out to select the one that’s suitable for your phone. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend any as it stands now.



Wrapping up the content, I hope you have learnt how to unlock iPhone without siri or passcode or iTunes or computer?  I’m glad you find it helpful, you can as well contact Apple support for further assistant.

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