How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Samsung A01/A20 / Samsung Tablet

With step by step guide, I will teach you how to use SD card as internal storage On Samsung A01/A20 / Samsung tablet. If your internal storage is filled up’ you can actually use SD card as an alternative. Hence, I will show you how to quickly set up the SD card as your internal storage.

For you to use SD card as default storage on Samsung A01 isn’t impossible, though the set up process might be a little bit stressful. But don’t panic, I have penned down every single information you need, to make SD card as internal storage on your Samsung phone.

Despite the GB ram of any default storage, if you’re using your phone to store important documents or heavy data, definitely it will filled up’ in no distance time.

Hence, SD card is very necessary in any phone’ thought it might be pretty hard to install in certain phones. But does not necessarily mean’ that you can’t install and use it as your internal storage.

Can I Use SD Card As internal Storage On Samsung?


Yes, you can set SD card as internal storage Samsung a01/a20, tablet, j2, j7 etc. As a matter of fact” on any Samsung phone. Though, the setup might be different” however I will be sharing a complete guide on how to get it done.

If you’re using Samsung phone, and you want to use SD card as your default storage” so as to expand and accommodate numerous files, apps and more. Then’ go ahead and follow these steps to install and set it up

How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Samsung A01/A20 / Samsung Tablet


If you “Go to your Samsung A01 Settings and navigate “Device Care, you will see Samsung internal storage and also see SD card, but there’s no option to format the SD card and use as default storage.

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Though, this option is available in the previous android version, but it’s currently not available on android 10. Hence, you will have to use the possible solution’ which I figured out few days ago;

Use ADB commands to turn on adoptable storage in your device. If it doesn’t work, the next step is to root your device and then’ put it in a custom rom that allows you to turn on the SD card into internal storage.

Use SD Card As Internal Storage Samsung A01


Now, let me quickly show you guys the three steps involved in setting up your SD card as internal storage;

  • Enable developer options in your cell phone.
  • Install adb platforms tools on your computer
  • Run adb command that allows you to add your SD card as adoptable storage.

For you to enable developer options in your Samsung a01, => Go to Settings, and scroll down’ navigate “About Phone,  and then’ click on ‘Softwares Information. After that, you will need to click on “Build Number” seven times, so as to enable the developer options.

Once the developer options are activated, just “go back to Settings‘ and select it ( Developer Options ). And when it opens up, just scroll down until you see “USB Debugging” and then’ turn it on. Make sure the developer options is turned on.

Enable ADB Platform Tools


The next step is to install the adb platform tools on your computer, you might already have them installed. To check if you have them installed already,  just connect your phone with your usb cable to your computer.

Then allow your computer to have access to your phone, next’ open the chrome browser and go to the following url => chrome://inspect.

It will open up and show you devices, you might just have to wait for awhile. If you see your device code pop-ups, it simply means that you already have the adb platform Installed in your device.

But if you didn’t get your device code there, don’t panic” just follow the below steps to Install the platform tools;

After you’re done extracting, you might want to move it to a more easy to remember folder. So you just have to go to your c drive and create a new folder and call it adb.

Now, go back to downloads and select the extracted folder, cut it and put it in that adb.

Run The Adb Commands


In this final step, you will have to run the adb commands that will allow you to use the SD card as internal storage. So just open the command prompt, by typing the cmd in the search bar.

Once it opens it, navigate to the “Platform Tools Folder” in the adb folder. Go back to your c drive and navigate the adb, then platform tools” and platform tools again.

Once in platform 2, you can start writing the 8db tools commands. The first command is called the adb devices, which allows you to see if your device is attached to the adb tool.

Go ahead and type in “adb, you will see a pop-up of different devices, and yours will be attached to it. If you compare the numbers with the one listed in the chrome, it should be the same.

How To Write ADB Commands To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Samsung


Start by typing in the adb shell, so that you don’t have to put adb shell to every command. So, just type in “adb shell and press enter“, the first command to type in the shell “SM list disks adoptable. This will basically list your SD card disks, which you will use later’ so just click enter.

Next command you’re going to type in the shell is “sm set force adoptable to true”, this allows you to use SD card as internal storage. After typing, press enter, thought’ there’s no output to this command, you need to format and partition your SD card for internal use by typing in the following command, which is “SM partition disk and your disk id, followed by private.

How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Samsung A01/A20 / Samsung Tablet

Private allows you to use the entire SD card as the internal storage. So, all you need to do right now is to change the disk id and put in your disk id, also include semicolon after disk.

NOTE: if you want to leave some space on the SD card to use as external storage, instead of private you would put in mixed with a number. For example, you can put in mixed 40″ the 40 means that 40% (fourthy percent) of your SD card will be use as external storage. And only 60% (sixty percent) would be use as internal storage.

The third command you’re going to type in the shell is “sm set force adoptable to false“. This basically closes the adoptable option, with this you done configuring your SD card to be used as internal storage.

All you have to do right now is to reboot or restart your phone, after doing that, just “Go to Settings => Device Care => and then “Select Storage” and the SD card option won’t be there anymore. Then’ click on Advanced and see the reflection of SD card as internal storage.



Arguably, you must have learnt how to use SD card as internal storage on Samsung A01/A20 / Samsung tablet. Go ahead and apply the same method and use the comment box below to give us feedback. Thank you!

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