How To Watch Movies On Telegram Without Downloading

In today’s techdut guilde, I will teach you how to watch movies on telegram without downloading it. So, if you have been looking for how to easily watch telegram movies/ videos without downloading” please search no further. With step by step guide, I will teach you how to achieve that on iPhone, android, iOS laptop and more.

We all know how annoying it can be, to download every single movie you want to watch on telegram. It’s just like a mandate, there should be an option to decide whether to download or stream online. But since telegram is yet to add this feature, we have discovered the easiest way to stream movies with telegram App, without downloading it.

Right now, you’re expected to calm down and read this article till the end, follow the instructions properly’ and start streaming telegram movies without downloading. In as much as telegram videos shows only when it’s downloaded, just like WhatsApp.

However, it’s not impossible to watch telegram movies without downloading it. So, I will show you how to easily set it up within few minutes” and it works perfectly on android, iPhone and PC.

How To Watch Movies On Telegram Without Downloading In iphone/Laptop/Android


Just as I said earlier, with the below guildlines’ you can easily watch unlimited movies on telegram without downloading it in your phone or PC. Fellow the below method;

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search for Telegram Player.
  • Download and Install it, you can as well click here to download it direct.
  • Open the App, and run it up.
  • Copy any Telegram Movie Link you want to watch and paste in the App.
  • It will automatically display the movie, and you watch without downloading the movie.

That’s the best and fastest method to watch any telegram movies without downloading it. However, you’re advised to follow the set up instructions properly and ensure that’ you copy the video URL link before it can play in the app.

How To Watch Telegram Movies After Downloading


It’s quite difficult to locate telegram movies after downloading them, obviously when I want to see it next time. No doubt, you’re facing the same challenge, but guess what? I found a solution to it.

After downloading telegram movies, they all store in your SD card, and locating them can be very stressful and difficult. Anyways, I will give you a direction on how to see them fast.

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Navigate Storage –
  • Choose Internal Storage / SD card.
  • Open and Locate Telegram Media.
  • Click on it to open and see the movies.
  • Repeat it anytime you want to see your telegram movies after downloading.
  • Enjoy.


At this point, I will be wrapping up the content on how to watch movies on telegram without downloading. Incase you have further questions, feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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