How Weak Security WiFi iPhone Potentially Exposes You? Find Out

The iPhone is one of the most demanded devices around the world, and it has become the leading choice of so many people. Better integrated hardware and software, seamless integration with Mac, and enhanced security make it far better than its competition.

But, some iPhone users reported that they see a message of weak security WiFi iPhone. Let’s learn what it means and how to solve it.

What Does Weak WiFi Security Mean?


Weak WiFi security warning appears on iPhone since upgrading to iOS 14. It appears under the WiFi network name. It means WPA/WPA2 TKIP is not secure, and users have to reconfigure their router. Your WiFi connection is not as robust as the newly updated standard.

Apple warns iPhone users regarding the WiFi networks that use outmoded security standards and less-secure encryption methods. If you forgot your WiFi password and are not able to browse the web on your Mac, you can recover it from Keychain. Online tutorials will give you more information on how to find your WiFi password on Mac securely.

When iPhone Shows ‘Weak Security’ Error?


You will see weak security WiFi iPhone pop-up when your connected WiFi network is set to the outdated router configuration. It includes WPA or WPA2 (TKIP). Users start seeing this message on Apple iOS. It helps users to safeguard their personal privacy and iPhone security. 

To figure out if your WiFi network has weak security or not, open Settings and click WiFi. Find the word ‘Weak Security’ under your WiFi network name.

Tweak Router Settings


Seeing a ‘Weak Security’ message means the WiFi router is configured poorly. The new feature of the iOS operating system checks and shows a message whenever the router stops using the updated security settings. 

So, configure the WiFi router settings and also configure the range extenders. Remember that weak security is just a warning. It does not create any obstacles while using WiFi. Hence, ensure that your WiFi should work properly.

Upgrade Your WiFi Security


Modifying the WiFi security level can be beneficial in making the necessary changes. So, log in to your router and change the security level. The purpose is to avoid WPA (2 or 3), WEP, and WPA2 (TKIP). 

Note that if you can’t configure a WiFi network at the router level, you can’t solve the ‘Weak Security’ warning issue. The network administrator can change the settings. However, if you don’t have this access, you have to connect to another WiFi network.

WiFi Security Protocols

How Weak Security WiFi iPhone Potentially Exposes You

WiFi networks are controlled by security protocols that are constantly updated to the latest versions to resolve weaknesses. WEP is the oldest and least secure protocol. Then comes WPA and then WPA2 (AES or TKIP). 

AES is much stronger than TKIP. WPA3 is the latest one considered the gold standard. The downside is that some previous routers don’t support WPA3. So, secure your router. 

Review Privacy Warning


Don’t consider Privacy Warning and Weak Security the same error. Privacy Warning message pop-up on connecting to the router. Click on the ‘I’ next to the network name. Toggle the Private Address option ON. 

Next, turn off your WiFi for some seconds and then reconnect. However, if it is your home router, you don’t need to worry about it. You can ignore this warning because it is just a privacy problem roaming on the WiFi public hotspots.

Improve Privacy and Security


Boost iOS security and privacy to fix the weakness issue. However, it already features a host of privacy and security settings. For example, an orange dot describes when the application is accessing the mic. 

Apple’s iOS 14 also lets users mask their WiFi address to avoid their activity being tracked while using a wireless network. So, whenever you get a weak security warning pop-up, get a new router if you’re using an older protocol.

Secure WiFi Network


Since you can’t control the settings of the router when using a public WiFi network, you can’t have multiple solutions. But, if you are using the home WiFi network, you can secure it by yourself without requiring any technical expertise. 

Type or into the web browser to access your router’s setting. If it doesn’t help, go to Settings and click WiFi, hit Information, and scroll down to Router. Type series and admin username & password.  

What If The Problem Still Exists?


If nothing proves helpful in fixing the issue and you are still seeing this message under the WiFi hotspot name, access WiFi settings. Select your network. Click ‘Forget This Network’ and again connect to it by entering your network security key. 

So, if you are connecting to WiFi through your iPhone and seeing the message “Weak Security”, don’t get confused. It may also help while fixing this issue on the iPad.




Weak security WiFi does not mean that your router is hacked and a hacker has compromised your device. Configure your router for effectively using the latest WPA2 (AES), WPA3 security mode, or a combination of both modes.

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