Instagram Photo Sticker Missing? See How To Recover It

This is a complete guide on how to fix instagram photo sticker missing on iOS and android. If you can’t find photo stickers on your Instagram, just relax” we got you covered. With step by step guide, I will show you the best way recover the missing stickers.

No doubt, Instagram update their sticker gallery from time to time” if there’s any sticker you can’t find e.g poll, quiz, questions, music, photo stickers etc.

Then, you probably must have messed up your Instagram account, but since recovering those stickers isn’t something impossible” then’ I will help you get them back right away.

Sticker is an awesome feature any Instagram user can’t possibly resist. Hence, it feels bad to watch them go missing. Hey! I totally understand how it feels, you just have to use the below guide to recover them;

How To Recover Missing Instagram Photo Stickers


There are just few steps to take and recover your missing Instagram Photo Sticker.

Instagram Photo Sticker Missing

Step 1

Open your Instagram App and “Tap On Your Profile.

Step 2

Click on the three lines at the top right corner

Step 3


Next is to navigate and tap on “Settings, then scroll down and “Click  Add Account“.


NOTE: Instagram allows you to add multiple accounts with one profile, just like twitter.

Step 4


Go ahead and Create A New Account, don’t worry you can delete it later” it’s just to recover your missing stickers on Instagram.

Step 5


Using the newly created account, click on “Add Story” and take a picture. After that, tap on Sticker icon.

Step 6


You will see Pop-ups of all the stickers you need, since it’s a new account” there won’t be any missing sticker.

Now, go ahead and create your story, you can use a question sticker ” just type in your question, once you are done” follow the next option.

Step 7


Swipe down from your home screen and navigate “Airplane mode“. Tap on it to turn it on and “Switch back to your main Instagram Account.

Once you’re back to your main Instagram account, go to stories again and take a new photo or add from your gallery.

Tap on the sticker icon and you will see  the missing stickers you’re looking for. Simply tap on it and customize, when you’re done” swipe down again and turn off your airplane mode.

Then’ go ahead and post your story, definitely you will see all the stickers feature back to your primary account from the new account you create.




Wrapping up to content here, I hope you have learnt how to fix instagram photo sticker missing? Cool. With the above method” you can recover any instagram sticker missing stickers, including music sticker feature.

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