Paramount Plus Won’t Install On Samsung Tv; How To Fix It

We all know how disappointing and annoying it could be when you try installing Paramount Plus on your Samsung Tv but it isn’t working out. But have you ever wondered what could be the reason why Paramount Plus Won’t Install On Samsung Tv?

Well! The major reason could be if the app isn’t compatible within the Samsung smart Tv or that the app isn’t working at all. But whichever way, I have proffered solutions to the problem in this write up.

There are many ways to make your Paramount Plus App work perfectly fine on your Samsung smart Tv but the approaches may vary slightly but all the procedures penned down in this article will surely make your app work perfectly well on your Samsung TV. 

How To Fix” Paramount Plus Won’t Install On Samsung Tv


If you are currently facing the issue of Paramount Plus App not installing or working on your Samsung TV, then you need these simple procedures below to get the issues fixed. The solutions are enumerated below:

1) Reboot Or Restart Your Samsung Smart TV

One of the reasons why your Paramount Plus won’t install on Samsung Tv may be due to temporary glitch or due to corrupted cache. And if that is the case, you can only fix it by cold boot and hard reset of your Samsung smart Tv by following the steps below.

  • Cold Boot Samsung TV

Cold booting isn’t hard, just hold the power button on your Samsung TV remote for about 5 – 10 seconds. After that, your television will restart, once it restarts, try installing the paramount plus app to know whether you can watch it or not.

  • Hard Reset Samsung Smart TV

To hard reset Samsung smart tv, just do this:

  • Ensure that you disconnect your smart tv and router from the source of power supply
  • You need to wait for about 5 – 10 minutes
  • Now, ensure that your router is turned on totally
  • Then, turn on your smart TV
  • Link your Samsung TV to the internet through WiFi
  • Now, you can launch Paramount Plus App again and check if you can install it on Samsung Tv 


1.During the process of cold booti and hard reset of the Samsung Tv, ensure that your internet connection is working perfectly well.

Try checking if your internet connection works properly or not with other device apps such as YouTube.

Make sure that you test your connection speeds at, because streaming content from Paramount Plus needs a minimum of 5Mbps.

2) Power Cycle Your Samsung Smart TV

If after the cold booting and your Paramount Plus App doesn’t still work on Samsung Tv, you can try power cycle to know if the problem can be fixed. In order to power cycle your Samsung smart tv, do this: 

  • Unplug the Samsung tv and router
  • Now, connect the devices after few minutes and allow it to boot
  • Connect your device to your Wi-Fi network
  • Launch the paramount plus app and see if it works properly with your Samsung TV.

3) De-register Your Device

One of the easiest ways to fix the Paramount Plus App problem is by de-registering the device, in fact, most Samsung TV subscribers have attested to it as an excellent measure. The steps to De-register your devices are listed below:

  • Go to the Paramount Plus App home page
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Select “Deregister your device” here
  • Tap on deregister device 
  • Choose “Ok” to confirm it
  • Fill in your login details in your Paramount app
  • Now, try checking if you can have access to the paramount app on your Samsung TV after re-registering your device.

4) Update Paramount Plus App

Updating Paramount Plus App to the latest version has proved to be one of the best measures to fix the problem of Paramount app not working on Samsung Tv. To update your Paramount Plus App, follow the steps below:

  • Switch on your Samsung TV
  • Toggle to the home screen
  • Choose your apps
  • Toggle to the top right corner of the screen, then choose “Settings” (gear icon)
  • Tap on the update tab
  • Search for Paramount Plus App and update it to the latest version

N/B; If after the updating and the Paramount Plus don’t still work, you would need to reboot it. Rebooting it is important because some users may be unable to update Paramount Plus because of an unsupported version error or may be if the Samsung’s memory is full on your tv.

5)  Update Your Samsung TV

If you haven’t updated your Samsung smart Tv software for a long time, the version may be outdated. Hence, if you want the Paramount Plus App to work properly, try and update your Samsung smart Tv. To update your Samsung TV, do this:

  • Long press the Samsung remote home button
  • Move  to the settings by pressing on the left arrow key
  • Scroll down and choose the support option
  • Now, to update the software, choose the software update option and then, press “Ok” (if it is greyed out, then swipe up to Tv mode and choose software update)
  • Then, to continue updating your software, choose “Update now”
  • Once you are done with the updating, try checking if the paramount plus is now working properly or not.

6) Reset Your Samsung Network

Another way to fix the problem of Paramount Plus App not working on Samsung Tv is by resetting the Samsung smart Tv network settings. Some subscribers have confirmed this solution. If you want to reset the network settings, then follow this simple steps:

  • Go to your Samsung remote and tap the home button
  • Tap on Settings, then move to General>choose network, then click “Ok”
  • Tap on Reset network, then choose “Yes”
  • But if you choose a wireless or wired network during the reset, select network settings and tap on “Ok”
  • Choose your network name and fill in your password
  • Once you are done connecting your Samsung smart Tv to your network, you may check if you can watch Paramount Plus.

7) Hard Reset Your Samsung Tv

If after trying all the above steps, and it all proved abortive, the next option left for you is to factory reset your Samsung TV. To factory reset, follow the procedures below:

  • First of all, press the Samsung menu bui
  • Tap on “Enter” to open the support option
  • Tap on “Self-diagnosis” and click on enter
  • Choose “Reset” and then press enter
  • Note that your security pin is 0000 or the default pin is 0000, try confirming it by clicking yes and I presume that your Paramount Plus App will now work well in your Samsung TV.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Download Paramount Plus App?


Your Samsung TV won’t download the paramount plus app because currently, paramount plus is not available natively for those using Samsung Smart TV. However, Paramount Plus is working assiduously towards launching a native app for Samsung Smart TV but currently, you can only stream using Apple AirPlay(i.e 2018+ models)


Why Can’t I Download Paramount Plus On My TV?


You can’t download Paramount Plus on your Tv because currently Paramount Plus is not available natively on smart TVs, hence you won’t be able to find a Paramount Plus App on your Samsung smart Tv or LG model.

Though it has been anticipated with high hopes that in the near future, Apps for smart TVs will be developed but the time frame can’t be predicted.

How Do I Download Paramount Plus On My Samsung Smart TV?


To be able to install the Paramount Plus App on the Samsung Tv, just press the home button on the TV remote, it would prompt a menu that will show available movies/TV shows and installed apps.

Then, scroll down to the row of app and move to the far left until you see the search icon. Once the search icon is visible, you can then click on it and subsequently search for Paramount Plus App.

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